Chelsea Houska’s Disco Ball Fireplace Gets Fans Talking

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer

HGTV Chelsea Houska went from "Teen Mom" n MTV to fabulous on HGTV's "Down Home Fab."

“Down Home Fab” star Chelsea Houska was inspired to use disco balls in her latest home design when she renovated her friend Landon and Ty’s home.

Landon and Ty gave the former “Teen Mom” star a budget of $50,000 to redo their living room, dining room and kitchen. One of the things Houska noticed as she walked around the home was “little disco balls everywhere” and she wanted their style to come out in her design.

Houska said on episode 4 of “Down Home Fab” that the theme of Landon and Ty’s renovation was a “French glam bungalow,” which means bold patterns, gold with accents and texture. The couple described their own style as eclectic and funky mixed with glam and “a little drama.”

Houska was intentionally “extra” with the electric fireplace and wanted to create “moody, glamorous details everywhere.” She chose to paint the fireplace blush, added a black backdrop and glued different size disco balls inside of it.

“If you look at Landon and Ty’s style, they are maximalists,” Houska told HGTV in a confessional on the February 6 episode. “They have little trinkets everywhere, from disco balls to butterflies all over the place. That’s something that I don’t want to take away from… I almost want to lean into that.”

The Disco Ball Fire Place Wasn’t Everyone’s Taste

Fans on Reddit had a lot to say about the fireplace Houska designed. A thread about the design on the “Teen Mom” subreddit garnered more than 700 comments.

“The disco balls look horrendous,” one person wrote. 

“Imagine looking at a fireplace and thinking, ‘it’s just missing 40 or so disco balls,'” another said.

A number of people said they preferred the “before” pictures.

“I think they could have done a few different accents and paint and such and add a twist to it, but I don’t think it needed that extreme of an overhaul,” reads one popular comment.

Fans might not have liked the design, but the homeowners loved it. “This is what I envisioned for myself and us and then you guys literally nailed it,” Landon told Houska and DeBoer at the end of the episode. “It’s so ficken cool.”

Houska said Ty and Landon were “a vibe” and she wanted their home to reflect that.

“It’s honestly perfect,” Ty added. “It screams us.”

Down Home Fab Was Renewed For a Second Season

There are only two more episodes of “Down Home Fab” left, but fans of the show don’t have to worry about it returning. “Down Home Fab” was greenlit for a sophomore season, HGTV announced on February 2.

The network referred to “Down Home Fab” as a “breakout Monday night hit” in a press release sent to Heavy.

The series attracted more than 6 million total viewers since it debuted and is HGTV’s “highest-rated freshman series since May 2022,” the press release stated.

Houska and her husband, Cole DeBoer — who serves as the project manager on the series — were thrilled they were coming back.

“You guys don’t understand how much this means to us,” Houska said via Instagram on February 2. “I have been refreshing the ratings all day because I just want people to believe… I want to show you guys like that we’re doing a good job. I just feel like this means so much us.”

The mother-of-four — who appeared on “Teen Mom” for more than a decade — feared she wouldn’t be taken seriously after getting her start on MTV.

“Coming from a show like ‘Teen Mom,’ … it’s hard to get people to believe in you… So I never felt like anything I did, anyone take me seriously,” she said in the February 2 Instagram video. “I’m not this person to cries a lot but I’m so happy… I swear to God, someone’s always crying in this house.”

Houska got her start on MTV when she appeared on the second season of “16 and Pregnant.” She conceived her eldest daughter, 13-year-old Aubree, when she was in high school and dating Adam Lind. They had a tumultuous relationship, and Houska was always trying to make it work.

A few years after they split for good, Houska met DeBoer in Sioux Falls while they were pumping gas. They got married in 2016 and welcomed three children together: 6-year-old Watson, 4-year-old Layne and 2-year-old Walker June.

They built their own home from the ground up in 2020 and discovered their love of home design.

“Down Home Fab” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. Eastern time on HGTV.

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