Fans Say Chelsea Houska’s Children Are ‘Practically Adults’ in New Family Photo

Chelsea Houska

MTVs Teen Mom / YouTube Chelsea Houska

Former “Teen Mom 2” star and current HGTV host Chelsea Houska shared a photo of her four children on April 8, 2023, ahead of Easter, and fans couldn’t believe how grown up her kids looked in the latest update.

Houska left a simple caption, writing “🐣 💕” and tagging her husband, Cole DeBoer, who commented, “Our little Angels! ❤️” on the post.

Houska’s oldest child, a daughter Aubree (13), was born in 2009 to Houska and her then-boyfriend Adam Lind. Houska raises Aubree alongside DeBoer, however, and their three children together, son Watson (6), daughter Layne (who is 4 and shares a birthday with her mother), and their youngest daughter Walker (2).

See Houska’s family photo below.

Fans Think Chelsea Houska’s Daughter Aubree Looks Like a ‘Full Blown Teen’

Houska’s post was an instant hint with her fans and followers, amassing well over 170,000 likes within hours of being posted, as well as more than 500 comments. Commenters were quick to point out how much older and taller Houska’s “Adorable family ❤️” looks, especially her oldest Aubree who one fan referred to as a “full blown teen”.

“On behalf of all the internet aunties where has the time gone. ❤️” one user commented.

“Where in the world have I been that Aubrey is seconds away from being an adult 😭 😭… I feel like an old auntie that she doesn’t know becuz I literally have seen her grow up 😭” another user added.

“Why are they practically adults 😭 😭 so big!!” a third user added.

Other fans debated which of their parents each of Houska’s children looked like, with comments including, “So cute!! Layne looks just like aubree and your youngest looks JUST like cole”, “Omg I was hoping so much that [Aubree] takes after her mummy and yaaaaaaaaaay she does!!!!
Funny how they change from one parent to the other 🙈”, and “Not you giving birth to the same person x4 ❤️ ❤️”.

Chelsea Houska Says There is ‘No Drama’ With Ex Adam Lind

Despite turbulence in their relationship over the years, Houska said in January 2023 that she and her oldest child’s father Lind are in a good place these days.

“There’s no bad vibes and it’s just a very open relationship,” she told Us Weekly at the time, “There’s no bad feelings. We see him sometimes and it’s totally fine. There really is just no drama.”

In the early years of their daughter’s life, Houska and Lind struggled to maintain their own relationship, breaking up and getting back together multiple times. Lind welcomed another daughter, Paislee, in 2013, however he has since given up all custody rights over his second daughter. Lind then took Houska to court seeking a 50/50 custody over Aubree, however Houska won and maintained full custody of her daughter.

By 2018, the courts allowed Houska to formally change her daughter’s last name to Lind-DeBoer, meaning Chelsea (whose legal last name is DeBoer) could have the same last name as her daughter. Despite Lind being arrested in 2022 for failing to pay child support for Aubree, Houska still feels they’ve come to a good place in their relationship since, and that they are able to co-parent their daughter effectively.

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