WATCH: Fans Go Wild Over THIS Unusual Part of a ‘Teen Mom’ Star’s Wedding Weekend

Roses and wedding rings

Pixabay Two wedding rings are next to roses and pearls.

“Teen Mom” fans have been quite busy over the past week as photos and videos from Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis’ wedding emerge. The couple got married on September 29 in California, and many of their “Teen Mom” co-stars were there. Now, Floyd has revealed what the couple did for their rehearsal dinner the night before their nuptials, and chances are good nobody has seen this done before. The pair’s unique idea was definitely a hit among fans though.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Couple Went in a Unique Direction

On October 6, Floyd shared a video on her Instagram page that got “Teen Mom” fans buzzing. “Instead of a rehearsal dinner we went bowling,” Floyd revealed. She explained, “Bowling has always been our date night go to so this was the perfect replacement for a ‘rehearsal dinner.’” The group even had custom bowling shirts designed for the event.

Seven By Twelve created the black and white bowling shirts, and the company shared some tidbits about them in their Instagram stories. The company screened “Davis” and “9/29/2022” on the back of the shirts, above a white bowling ball. Underneath was the hashtag the “Teen Mom” stars created for their wedding, “#fromthisdavisforward.” In addition, the fronts of the shirts had the phrase “l’amour gagne toujours” embroidered on one side. According to Word Hippo, the French phrase translates to “Love always wins.” The role each person held in the wedding party, such as “Groom” and “Groomsman,” was also embroidered on the front of each bowling shirt.

A Good Time Was Had By All

One of Floyd’s bridesmaids originally posted the video on her TikTok page, and the bride shared it from there. The clip featured each couple in the wedding party doing a dance or moves of some sort as they walked toward the camera at the bowling alley. “Teen Mom” fans loved it and they were not shy about saying it.

“Everyone understood the assignment! Love this,” commented one person on TikTok.

“Can we talk about how cute this video is! The bowling idea is such a great idea,” a fan wrote on Instagram. Floyd replied to that note by adding, “It was so much fun! Broke the ice with everyone.”

“This is the cutest. What a great idea. Everybody just having fun and playing around, I’m here for it,” shared someone else.

“Omg this made me so happy and I’m not even part of the party,” another person quipped.

A few Instagram commenters jokingly asked if they could get a shirt of their own or join the family. There were some posters who also suggested they might steal the idea for their own similar events. Someone else asked, “why your whole bridal party look good” and asked, “who single??”

“Teen Mom” fans seemed to love the song Floyd chose for the wedding party introduction and adored everybody’s moves. There were even two heavily pregnant bridesmaids who made sure to hit their groove too. Another impressed fan pointed out, “I love it, looks like a great time with memories to last a lifetime!!”