Teen Mom: Cory Wharton Jokes About Punching a Reality Star in the Face

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When Cory Wharton isn’t filming “Teen Mom,” he’s busy pursuing other endeavors. One of those endeavors happens to be punching other reality TV stars in the face.

On September 10, Cory faced off against “Too Hot to Handle” star Chase De Moor in a celebrity boxing match.

The MTV star has been teasing the fight for months, telling fans he is looking forward to his time in the ring.

Prior to the fight, things got a little heated between the two reality stars.

Here’s what you need to know:

Cory Punches Chase in the Face

A “Teen Mom” fan account shared a clip of Cory and Chase before the fight that showed Cory taking a jab at Chase.

The video started with Chase flipping off Cory’s hat. Cory retaliated by punching Chase in the face.

Cory commented on his fight with Chase in a September 10 Instagram story shared by a “Teen Mom” account.

Cory started the video by telling fans he is back to filming “Teen Mom” after the fight.

“Just got home,” he said.

“Right back to it. Yes, sir,” Cory said, pointing at a crew member.

He continued, “One minute, I’m punching somebody in their face. Next minute, I’m filming a show about parenting. What’s going on?”

Who Won the Fight?

According to a Sporting News report, no official score was kept because it was an exhibition fight. But Monsters & Critics reported that commentators on the live stream seemed to favor Cory’s performance in the fight, suggesting he had better stamina.

You can watch a clip of the fight HERE.

Cory Takes His Daughter on a Date

Cory caught fans’ attention on September 2 after he shared footage of his father-daughter date with his eldest daughter, Ryder, on Instagram.

The father-of-three shared a video of him picking up his daughter for their date with flowers and a stuffed animal in hand. He also shared a video of the two enjoying a nice dinner together.

“I wanted to take Ryder out on a date so she can say her dad was the first person she went out on a date with ✅,” he wrote in the caption. “I think one on one time with your kids is important! I can’t wait to do this with all my other ones. You guys can expect more pranks, challenges, interviews, vlogs, all that good stuff ❤️‍🔥.”

Fans gushed over the sweet video in the comment section and gave props to Cory for being such a great dad.

“Role model for sure,” one fan wrote.

“Great job Cory!!!! I wish more dad’s did things like this 🤗,” another Instagram user commented.

“This is so sweet,” a third user added. “She will remember this forever. Ryder is one lucky little girl to have so many people that love her. Her parents and bonus parents are great co-parenting examples of making sure the kids come first.”

“Such a good daddy Omggggg 😭❤️,” a fourth user wrote.

Cory uploaded a full video of his date with Ryder to his YouTube channel. Watch the vidoe HERE.

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