Fans Are Worried About Cory Wharton Following His Daughter’s Heart Surgery

Cory Wharton

YouTube Fans are worried about Cory Wharton

Fans are worried about “Teen Mom” star Cory Wharton after he failed to share an update following his daughter Maya’s open-heart surgery.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Show Concern For Cory & Maya

On January 4, The 31-year-old shared a photo of him and Maya on Instagram alongside a caption letting fans know his daughter was about to undergo surgery.

“The day is finally here,” he wrote in the caption. “[Maya] has her open heart surgery today ❤️. All I’m asking, is for everybody to keep us in your prayers and keep praying for her & the doctors that will be working on her heart ❤️.”

He continued, “We have been anticipating this day for so long, all the anxiety that has built up for months. I just can’t wait for her heart to be fixed. Then we can move on from this chapter. Again thank you all, & I’ll keep you all updated 🙏🏽.”

Maya was born with a form of congenital heart disease called tricuspid atresia. According to the CDC, tricuspid atresia is “a birth defect of the heart where the valve that controls blood flow from the right upper chamber of the heart to the right lower chamber of the heart doesn’t form at all.”

In the days following Cory’s January 4 post, fans waited for him to share an update on Maya’s health.

Cory’s social media absence began to worry fans on Reddit.

“Has anyone heard/seen an update on their baby? 🥺 Poor little girly. I hope she is ok and recovering from her heart surgery,” one fan wrote.

“I really hope they’re just taking time to focus on her rough recovery and don’t feel up to the social media stuff,” another fan replied. “I’m also a bit nervous because they generally post but [I] am still praying for the best.”

“Hope she’s okay poor thing,” a third user added.

“Yeah I’ve been worrying about her since there hasn’t been any updates,” a fourth user replied. “I hope she’s okay and I hope Taylor and Cory are doing okay.”

“I hope everything is okay,” a fifth user wrote.


Thankfully Cory did eventually share an update on his Instagram story, letting fans know Maya is off the ventilator and taking steps in the right direction.

Cory Plans to Return to ‘The Challenge’

Cory surprised fans in November 2021 when he announced on Instagram that he would be taking a break from the MTV reality show “The Challenge” to focus on his family.

Toward the end of the November Instagram post, Cory teased that he would likely return to the popular competition show in the future and it looks like that day may be here sooner rather than later.

In an interview with E! News in May 2022, Cory revealed he is already preparing for his return.

“I love doing the show. It gets me going and I want to come back,” he told the outlet. “I think my big return—MTV you hear this?—season 40 for $2 million cash prize. I’m winning. What a better story? Cory with three kids comes back. He’s always getting second place. Now he wins a million. I will definitely be back.”

Season two of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on MTV.

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