Farrah Abraham Plans to Auction off Harvard Merchandise

Farrah Abraham

Getty "Teen Mom's" Farrah Abraham is planning to auction off her Harvard merchandise.

Farrah Abraham plans to auction off her Harvard shirt and give the money to a mental health foundation that would “help students with therapy,” according to a recent Instagram story on the “Teen Mom” star’s page, per The Sun.

Abraham’s intent to auction off her shirt comes on the heels of claims that she was kicked out of her Harvard Extension School course.

On August 22, Abraham took to Yelp to write that she was “being discriminated to the highest level by being locked out of my zoom for a course I payed for.”

The “Teen Mom” star uploaded a screenshot that showed she was locked out of the Zoom in an attachment on the Yelp review.

A section of the review, itself, read:

After attending Harvard and #1 being discriminated to the highest level by being locked out of my zoom for a course I payed for by the teacher Patricia Bellanca and Dean Robert Neugenboren with no one answering emails, setting calls, nor the XXI, diversity, disabilities and admissions directors stepped in being cc’d from day 1 on the teachers misconduct, these are not responsible professionals these are bulling student tactics that are illegal and sexist. Also as a masters student you pay a higher tuition then everyone else yet share a class with sophomores in high school, associates, and bachelors levels. This is a ivy league lawsuit, scam, fraud.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans React to Abraham

Farrah Abraham

MTVIs Farrah still taking an online college course?

Reddit users don’t seem to support Abraham’s plan to sell her Harvard merchandise.

One person wrote, “Does she not realize that anyone can buy ‘Harvard’ merch?”

Another wrote, “Farrah better donate her brain to science one day.”

A third added, “Maybe spend that money on therapy for yourself?”

Fans similarly ridiculed Abraham for the Yelp review she posted, pointing out her improper grammar use.

A Reddit user commented, “Looking at her response, that professor is absolutely right. Spelling and grammatical errors aside, she is so self-entitled, I don’t think any teacher would even want her.”

Another wrote, “Pat is not wrong. She is embarrassing herself with everything she wrote.”

Other users argued Abraham was manipulating the system, herself, stating, “Any college student knows, that there are some classes that you can’t participate fully in due to the fact that you haven’t successfully completed a prerequisite course. It’s not fair to your fellow students and professors. If you refuse to complete prerequisites(which are building blocks to more difficult classes), any college student knows that you will be graded accordingly. You are basically setting yourself up for failure.”

Abraham has threatened to use legal action against the university. During an interview with TMZ, Abraham said she planned to sue Harvard and described the institution as “abusive.”

During the interview, Abraham also said that both her professor and Dean Robert Neugeboren have not returned her calls.

Today, Abraham’s LinkedIn still boasts Harvard’s Extension School, where she writes that she is vying for a Master’s degree in Creative Writing.

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