No, ‘Unexpected’ Star Kylen Smith Is Not Pregnant Again

Kylen Smith Jason Korpi

TLC “So excited to FINALLY share our BIG NEWS,” Korpi and Smith wrote via Instagram.

“Unexpected” stars Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith ignited rumors Smith was pregnant again after they shared a picture of a sonogram on Instagram on June 16.

“So excited to FINALLY share our BIG NEWS,” Korpi and Smith wrote in the caption. They instructed social media users to click the link in their bio and disabled the comments on the post.

When fans clicked on the link, they were brought to a Celebuzz story that announced old “Teen Mom” pregnancies. Catelynn Baltierra’s pregnancy with Rya Rose — now 18 months old — was the first story featured. “16 and Pregnant” alum Izabella Tovar was also included in the article. She gave birth to her baby in September 2021.

Smith and Korpi deleted the sonogram pictures days later, but the links remained in their Instagram bios.

An original poster on Reddit took a screenshot of Smith’s post and shared it on the “Unexpected” forum.

During his stint on “Unexpected,” Korpi referred to himself as a “professional raw dogger.”

“I have this sort of thing where I don’t like condoms and don’t use them,” he said in his first TLC confessional.

“Well, you put it on and then took it off,” Smith said.

“Because I’m a professional raw dogger,” Korpi answered.

Korpi said he was “wicked hyped” when he found out he was having a boy. “I’m going to raise him to be just like me,” the TLC star said.

TLC Fans Want Korpi Fired From ‘Unexpected’

Korpi might be one of the most talked-about cast members on “Unexpected,” but fans urged TLC to cancel the teenage father’s contract after they accused him of “abusing” Smith. A petition to have Korpi fired garnered more than 14,000 signatures from supporters.

According to Korpi — who spoke with Heavy exclusively — TLC approached him and Smith about joining season six of “Unexpected” but he told them to “F off.”

Korpi said he and Smith planned to do a tell-all of their own on YouTube when season five of “Unexpected” finished airing.

Part two of the “Unexpected” tell-all aired on June 12. At the time this story was published, Korpi had not uploaded his version of events to YouTube.

Korpi, 19, told Heavy his son — Xavier — was doing well.  “He’s doing good growing too fast tho time flies with a lil man around😂,” the TLC star told Heavy.

Lili Bennett Fears Smith Is ‘Brainwashed’

“I’m a Professional Rawdogger" | UnexpectedStream Full Episodes of Unexpected: Subscribe to TLC: Join Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: We're on Instagram!

Some of Smith and Korpi’s co-stars — Like Lili Bennett — tried to speak up for Smith when they saw each other at the tell-all.

Smith didn’t appreciate the cast coming after Korpi, and defended her boyfriend.

“I’m like holy s***, she’s like being mistreated and, like, that’s scary for her,” Bennett said at the tell-all. “She’s so brainwashed and it’s so sad.”

Bennett told fans she hasn’t kept in touch with Smith since the tell-all.

“I haven’t tried honestly,” she told a fan. “I think she felt I don’t like her or I was trying to attack/be mean to her at the tell all which was not my intention at all so I just left it be. I wish her and her sweet baby nothing but the best and I hope she can be free some day.” 

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Ashley Elizabeth
Ashley Elizabeth
15 days ago

He didn’t tell them no, he’s in jail. Lying little 💩. Hope he stays there, it’s exactly where kids like him belong. Maybe he will get to raw dogging in there with his cellies.

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