Jenelle Evans’ Mom, Barbara, Talks About ‘Missing’ ‘TM2’

Barbara Evans

Jenelle Evans "Teen Mom 2" alum Barbara revealed if MTV reached out to her to join "Family Reunion," the spinoff series.

It sounds like if Barbara Evans had things her way, she would be back on “Teen Mom 2.”

Evans teamed up with her daughter — Jenelle Evans Eason — for a live stream on Instagram. The two answered fan questions, and many of them centered around “Teen Mom 2.”

Eason was fired from the show in 2019 after her husband, David Eason, shot and killed their French bulldog, Nugget. Barbara Evans was also released from her contract.

Since then, Barbara has kept a relatively low profile. But since she and her daughter are on better terms, for now, she joined Eason in her “she shed” for a Q&A session on February 15.

Evans hinted she would have been interested in joining “Family Reunion” — the spinoff series that brought cast from both franchises together — if only she had been invited.

“Nobody called. I could have been the den mother. Like the dorm mother when you go to the dorm,” Evans said, referring to a sorority mother.

She talked about missing being a part of the franchise.

“Well, I miss the crew and I miss the traveling and it was just a big part of my life so I miss it. I miss mainly the people,” Evans said. “But one thing I do want to say that I miss about ‘Teen Mom 2’ is I really miss seeing Dr. Drew. He’s like my buddy.”

Evans Revealed Where Her Accent Comes From

One of the things that made Evans a fan-favorite with viewers was her distinct accent. Though they’re based in North Carolina, Evans revealed she grew up in Rhode Island.

“My accent isn’t Long Island. It’s Boston,” she said with a laugh. “Jace tries to talk like me but he can’t do it.”

Speaking of Jace, Evans shared that he’s about to turn 13 soon and that out of all her grandkids — he’s the most like his mother. “Because you know when we play games he always wants to cheat,” Evans said.

Evans Isn’t Dating Anymore

While she was on “Teen Mom 2,” Evans was dating a man named Mike, but he turned out to be “nothing but a lyin’ hustlah.”

“Oh my God, Mike’s a cheater man, a four-time cheater. He’s gone,” she told social media users about her rex. “Hit the road, buddy… I gave him a lot of itching powder in his clothes. Gone like the wind.”

Evans might not be dating, but that doesn’t mean she’s giving up on fun. She plans to go on some cruises within the next year. In fact, she might even be going on a “wedding cruise” to celebrate with Nathan Griffith’s family after his sister got engaged. Griffith’s mother, Dorris, invited her.

Eason and Griffith share a son, 7-year-old Kaiser.

“Dorris said maybe you could come and hang out with me on the cruise and I said, ‘Oh I would love that,'” Evans explained. “So I might be going on a cruise.’” 

She also might go on a cruise for Christmas.

“I’m going all by myself because nobody invites me to their house for Christmas. This is so depressing I’m gonna go on a cruise,” she said. “I keep saying it every year but we keep having pandemics. I’m gonna go on a senior cruise and have fun. Yes, I am.”

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