Jenelle Evans Says CPS ‘Threatened’ Her in New Posts

Jenelle Evans

Getty "Teen Mom 2" alum Jenelle Evans went on a Twitter rant on October 14 where she discussed her mother having custody of her oldest son, 12-year-old Jace.

“Teen Mom 2” alum Jenelle Evans went on a Twitter rant on October 14, 2021, where she discussed her mother having custody of her oldest son, 12-year-old Jace.

The star hit back at fans who questioned why she signed over custody of her oldest son before he was 1-year-old and hinted that she was forced to do so. She also made it seem like her mother, Barabra Evans, tricked her into relinquishing her parental rights.

“If Barb was that bad, what kind of mother would let her raise their son?” one person asked.

She responded: “CPS: ‘Sign him over to your mom or he’s going to foster care.’ Was I convinced and threatened to sign or did I really want to?”

Evans, 29, then seemed to share quotes that were said by her mother. “’Go have fun with your friends Jenelle! I feel bad you haven’t. Go sleepover too! I’ll watch Jace.’ Arrived home the next day to CPS in the driveway and someone saying to them. ‘IDK where Jenelle is! she left and never came back home!!!’”

“Bet none of you knew that, was it ever aired on tv? No,” she continued. “I’m sick of the truth being hidden from the public. I deserve to have my son back. Don’t trust anyone with custody unless you truly can.”

In addition to 12-year-old Jace, Evans is also the mother of 7-year-old Kaiser and 4-year-old Ensley. Kaiser is from her relationship with ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith and Evans shares Ensley with current husband David Eason. The couple has been married since September 2017.

Evans Said Her Best Friend Called CPS

Evans then brought up her former best friend, Tori Rhyne.

“Then you had Tori cussing out CPS on the phone, which didn’t help but ya know at least she was my biggest supporter at the time… not even my own blood,” the former “Teen Mom 2” star said.

Evans said she and Rhyne will reconnect to make a vlog about the day she signed away her rights of Jace.

“It’s alright.. me and Tori will do an entire YouTube video about that day,” she tweeted on October 14, 2021. “But go ahead believe the media, believe the TV people. That won’t get you far.

Evans claimed she was never able to regain custody of her son because she couldn’t afford a good lawyer.

“As a 17-year-old with a court-appointed lawyer she did not care about my case at all and didn’t fight for me,” the North Carolina native said about her attorney. “I should have fought harder but yes I was terrified.”

Evans Is ‘Hurt & Angry’ Over Her Past

Evans continued to tweet throughout the early morning of October 14, 2021, saying the “little girl” inside her was still very “hurt and angry.”

“Haunting memories really suck and to think it’s still happening, but I won’t give up,” she wrote. “My mom isn’t the most honest person, never was. Explains why my dad really wasn’t a bad person she claims he was. Ripped from a dad too.”

The former MTV personality hinted the network was the one who told her to go out and have fun and then Barbara Evans used it against her. “All the times I was “out partying” on mtv… WHO TOLD ME TO GO PARTY?! Who wanted that footage?! THEM. Y’all probably thought I dropped out too right? Nope, went to school every day and even completed college. Woman shrugging I’m not the villain,” she claimed.

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Bonnie Eckenrode
Bonnie Eckenrode
9 days ago

I’m not one to judge and I really don’t know the whole story but from what I’ve seen and read CPS needs to do more than threaten Jenelle!! Child Protective Services, Children and Youth Services and others like them let too many kids slip through the cracks and turn a blind eye to what’s really going on resulting in the child getting seriously injured or even killed!! I have seen this happen first hand!!!

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