‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Gives Health Update

Jenelle Evans

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“Teen Mom 2” alum Jenelle Evans has had a year full of health struggles. People reported back in April that the former reality star was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and undergoing additional tests for other potential autoimmune issues.

This week, Evans opened up to followers who had some more questions about her health during a Q&A she held on Instagram stories, and some “Teen Mom” fans had thoughts about what Evans had to say.

Hear what Evans shared below.

Jenelle Evans Says ‘Everything’s Up In the Air’

Fans have been concerned for Jenelle Evans since she first started opening up about her health struggles, so when the MTV star began doing a Q&A on her Instagram story, questions about her latest health status started pouring in, and the star answered many of them.

One fan asked, “How are you feeling? Have you got [your] biopsy results?” and Evans shared that she has her results, however, “Everything’s up in the air because of my doctor retiring. ☹️ Seeing a new lung doctor next year.”

Fans were happy to see Evans opening up about he health, but were hoping for more information from the star. When one fan asked if she had “solid answers” on her health, Evans answered, “We have a lot of different imaging and proof of a lot of things but none of the doctors I have can put the puzzle together. Still have labs to take once again.”

While Evans doesn’t have a new diagnosis to share with fans, she said she plans on sharing more as soon as she is able. When asked when she would start uploading on YouTube again, Evans told fans, “Whenever I get my pain under control, but I have a health vlog coming soon”.

Some ‘Teen Mom’ Fans Had Doubts About Jenelle Evans’s Health

While many fans expressed concerns, some of them had doubts about her answers.

One fan asked directly to the Q&A, “Do you think you may have Munchausen disease? You’ve been sick since [‘Teen Mom 2’]” and Evans answered directly, telling them, “No. I have esophagus, lung, and spine problems. At the time of filming it wasn’t diagnosed.”

Some fans responded indirectly, commenting about some of Evans’s responses that got shared to Reddit.

“If she put even a little effort into taking better care of herself, she’d probably feel so much better,” one “Teen Mom” fan wrote, “Drink enough water, eat healthier food, get some exercise. Stop drinking and smoking. Get better sleep. It’s like every time someone points out a reversible cause she’s like nope, can’t do that, dogtors say I’m a medical mystery 🤷‍♀️”

“In all seriousness this is just mental illness. Depression can cause people to think they’re suffering pain. I work in a clinic and have been told my numerous doctors that mental illness often presents as chronic pain. It’s weird but it’s a thing,” another “Teen Mom” fan wrote on Reddit.

Other fans did sympathize with Evans’s struggles with both her health and doubtful followers, saying in her Q&A, “I’m the same as you health wise, people often think your not allowed to be sick long term”. Though not a question, Evans shared this message and her response, “Yeah my biopsies clearly showed my lungs inflamed, my stomach is inflamed, blood tests show I’m inflamed, no one knows why my body is reacting this way.”

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