Jenelle Evans Exposes Leah Messer’s ‘Teen Mom’ Filming Secret

Jenelle Evans is revealing behind the scenes inforamtion about Leah Messer

MTVs Teen Mom / YouTube Jenelle Evans is revealing behind the scenes inforamtion about Leah Messer

Former “Teen Mom 2” cast member Jenelle Evans has not appeared as a main cast member on the show since 2019, however she is not afraid to comment on the show on social media.

This week, Evans exposed her former castmate Leah Messer by commenting on a clip from the show that has resurfaced on social media. The clip, shared by TikTok user @angel.bay.bee, shows a blonde Messer talking to her mother Dawn Spears, though the user found something unusual with Messer’s look.

“POV: You’re a professional hairstylist & you watch the staged Teen Mom scenes where they made the girls wear cheap wigs to camouflage the timeline of reshoots: 🫣🤯🤭,” the user wrote on the video.

Evans reshared the video, adding a clip of her glancing at the camera with the added message, “✨ This is TRUE ✨ They thought they were sneaky”.

Jenelle Evans Confirms Leah Messer Wore a Wig in ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reshoots

Many fans were taken aback to learn that Leah Messer wore a wig to cover up her hair change when shooting a scene for “Teen Mom 2”, and were even more shocked that they did not notice it upon their first watch.

“I seriously can’t believe how so many of us didn’t notice before 😂😂 – I always thought it was a bad haircut/dye job,” one fan commented on Evans’s TikTok, to which the former “Teen Mom” star replied, “Noooo 😂”.

Other TikTok users have called out the use of wigs on “Teen Mom” in the past, with one fan posting two videos in January 2021. The first video shows Messer in the same blonde wig that Evans has called attention to in her latest video. Evans commented on this user’s video at the time to confirm the reason for the wigs was “For pickup scenes … somewhat scripted scenes or moments they missed while filming,” continuing on in a second comment, “And then we would dye our hair… so to make the scene fit with what we last looked like they made some wear wigs lol”. One fan asked if she was under contract not to speak about the show at the time, and Evans confirmed, “I’ll be out of contract completely in May 2021 lol 😁”, which may be a clue as to her willingness to discuss details like this openly now.

Another fan video from January 2021 shows cast member Chelsea Houska on the phone with her friend in a brown hair wig with a beanie covering the top of it.

Jenelle Evans Says She Was Invited Back to ‘Teen Mom’

Despite her exposing the show’s filming secrets over TikTok, Jenelle Evans claimed that producers invited her back to the franchise to film season 2 of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” with various “Teen Mom OG”, “Teen Mom 2”, and “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” cast members this past Summer in Bend, Oregon. Evans says that they sent her and her mother contracts, and while her mother signed, she felt the pay was not enough to make her want to return, saying influencers make more in a couple of Instagram posts than she would for appearing on “Family Reunion”.