Fans Blast Jenelle Evans for Latest Parenting Move: ‘This Video Is Stressing Me Out’

Jenelle Evans

YouTube Jenelle Evans films for her YouTube channel.

Former “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans shares plenty of day-to-day updates on her life with her husband, David Eason, and her kids. Her social media posts regularly spark concern and frustration among franchise fans, but the criticism rarely seems to rattle her. That appears to be the case with a recent Instagram story she shared that actually had people buzzing over a couple of different factors. One primary concern was safety-related, while another criticism was something that has come up a few times with Evans’ recent posts.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jenelle Evans Shared an Instagram Story From the Car

The latest Instagram story of Evans’ to cause chaos with “Teen Mom” fans was shared on February 4. The family had gone out to eat at a restaurant, and Evans shared that her son, Kaiser, loved shrimp while her daughter Ensley chose chicken for her meal. As the family was driving after eating, Evans and Eason enjoyed some tunes and did a bit of dancing in their seats. Evans showed Kaiser and Ensley in the back seat, and Ensley was sitting on a booster seat with the seat belt crossing her chest and buckled. Kaiser, however, appeared not to be buckled at all, or at least not properly. He was laying down on the seat, his head resting on a stuffed animal and Ensley’s arm. It appeared Kaiser was tired and resting or napping with his eyes closed and a jacket or blanket covering him. The clip was shared on the “Teen Mom OG & Teen Mom 2” Reddit sub and received a significant amount of attention.

“What’s her excuse this time? Didn’t she claim last time that they were parked. They were clearly driving in this video,” exclaimed one Redditor.

“Of course it’s Kaiser not buckled up right,” added another.

“They just went to court for a myriad of traffic violations and are looking to rack up some more in record time. Put your kids at risk, it’s cool as long as you get that TikTok moment,” someone else ranted.

“This video is stressing me out. Not only is Kaiser not buckled, he looks like he’s not feeling well. His cheeks are flushed,” a “Teen Mom” fan noted. “They have the music blasting and dancing around without a care in the world. Take that poor child home, get him in some comfy clothes and put him to bed!!!!!!”

Evans’ Choice to Use a Filter on Ensley Prompted Criticism Too

While Evans’ video showing Kaiser unbuckled raised significant concerns among “Teen Mom” fans, there was an issue some noticed regarding Ensley too. Evans used a filter as she showed Ensley that made the 6-year-old look like she was wearing a full face of makeup and was older than her actual age. This Instagram story was not the first time fans had noticed that type of filter on the little girl, and it clearly bothers quite a few people.

“The filters on Ensley’s face need to stop. She’s a baby. It’s so disturbing,” criticized one Redditor.

“Can she stop with the makeup filters on literal children?” another poster questioned.

“She seriously needs to stop with the filters on every. Single. Video. She’s gotten so accustomed to using them that she doesn’t even notice when her kids end up with ridiculously filtered faces,” added someone else.