Kailyn Lowry Ripped for Putting Kids in ‘Dangerous Area’

Kailyn Lowry

YouTube Kailyn Lowry

Fans are accusing Kailyn Lowry of putting her children in “danger” after an Instagram live featured what sounded like gunshots. Or was it simply a knock at her front door?

In the video, Lowry was spending time with her friend, Bone, when a banging noise interrupted the Instagram live. The source of the banging remains unclear.

In response to the noise, Lowry stated, “Oh my god did you guys hear that? Someone’s at the door!” She then picked up her phone and said into the camera, “Oh my god come on,” while making her way to the front door.

Lowry continued, “Y’all what the f***. Was that a gunshot? Someone’s here.”

Lowry moved into her new home at the end of January 2022, per The Sun.

She and her family live in Middletown, Delaware, according to In Touch Weekly, and as the reality star’s followers are well aware, Lowry has dedicated a majority of her time over the past few months to decorating her home and buying furniture. But is the area where the home is located safe?

When Heavy reached out to Lowry, she declined to comment on the matter.

Here’s what you need to know:

Crime in Middletown, Delaware

On January 28, 2022, In Touch Weekly reported that Lowry was moving into her “dream home,” which she built after selling her previous abode.

Mommy Things reported that the “Teen Mom” star paid $880,000 for the house, which comes in at a whopping 7,000-square-feet.

According to Area Vibes, Middletown is safer than 45% of cities in the United States, and violent crime rates in Middletown are 46% lower than the national average.

Niche reported that the town has a population of 21,692. The outlet’s synopsis reads, “Living in Middletown offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. Many families and young professionals live in Middletown and residents tend to lean liberal. The public schools in Middletown are highly rated.”

Lowry Gets Heat From Fans

Still, people have been quick to judge Lowry.

On the Instagram live captured on the @teenmomchatter account, one person wrote in the comments section, “This is why I stay my a** out the country. They definitely shoot for fun. Congratulations kail this is your new alarm.”

Another added, “That’s super scary, especially having 4 young children. She won’t be able to let them roam for fear of a stray shot.”

A third commented, “Bro… why didn’t you know about this before moving?”

The location of Lowry’s home isn’t the only thing that fans have been quick to judge. On February 6, 2022, a Reddit thread was shared, titled, “Kail for sure has the worst taste in home decor from anyone on the show.”

The thread featured a picture of Lowry’s dining room area. One Redditor wrote, “it gives me doctors office/hospital vibes… very… sterile.”

Another added, “that table is so hideous what the f***.” And a third user wrote, “All the pics I’ve seen of any of the rooms in her house all seem so….cold.”

But Lowry doesn’t seem to be letting the haters get to her. On February 8, 2022, she posted a variety of makeup products to her Instagram story, and shared of glimpse of her makeup application, too.

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