Kailyn Lowry Flips Out on Ex For Making Parenting Decision Without Her

Kailyn Lowry

MTVs Teen Mom / YouTube Kailyn Lowry

Co-parenting can be very difficult sometimes.

Yesterday, February 6, former “Teen Mom 2” cast member Kailyn Lowry learned that her ex, Chris Lopez, took their 5-year-old son Lux for a haircut without consulting her first. Lopez then posted a photo of the finished product to his Instagram story.

Lowry did not like that this decision was made without her input, and went live on her Instagram page to share her frustrations with her followers. A “Teen Mom” fan page on Instagram shared a screen-recorded clip of Lowry’s live video, where the MTV star said, “I don’t know if [Lux is] upset or not. I don’t know if he wanted it cut. I don’t know. He’s never expressed to me that he wanted his hair cut.”

Chris Lopez Went Live on TikTok to Explain His Side of the Story

Lopez went live on his social media after Lowry to share his side of the story. In another screen-recorded clip of his TikTok live video, Lopez shared his reasoning for cutting Lux’s hair, which he said was down to his butt, saying, “You need to be able to maintain hair. If you’re going to take care of hair, if you want a child to have hair, a child can’t maintain their hair. So if you are not going to maintain your [child’s] hair, then it needs to be cut. Or it needs to be cut in a reasonable place where it’s manageable for everybody.”

Lopez said Lowry had not been properly maintaining Lux’s hair, which had “been nappy”, and that he took Lux for the haircut to make his hair more easily maintainable.

Lowry joined Lopez’s live video as a viewer and sent multiple upset comments refuting her ex’s claims. Her comments included, “He didn’t want his hair cut. Chris wanted to do it to hurt me. Not for Lux”, “Cut your own hair bro. Shape up your own beard”, “You’re the one with a problem. Holding haircuts over my head”, “[Lux’s hair] was washed and detangled and in a pony for school Friday”, “Let’s talk about you dropping lux off to school at 10 am”, and “I don’t have to let you keep them until Monday”.

This is not the first co-parenting conflict Lowry and Lopez have experienced. According to Distractify, the early days of their co-parenting relationship proved difficult for the former couple as well, as Lowry wrote in her 2018 book “A Letter of Love”, stating, “Even the responsibility for all of the baby formula was left up to me. I kind of knew that this would be a possibility, but I guess I just wanted to be proved wrong. Is it too much to ask if the baby needs anything? Whether we were on good or bad terms, Chris could have at least asked if I needed help.”

Tensions were so high that Lowry even went through the legal process of changing Lux’s last name from Lopez to Lowry. The couple reunited long enough to have another child, Creed, in 2020, however, have been on rocky terms since. Creed’s last name has not been changed from Lopez.

Kailyn Lowry May Be Interested in a Reality TV Comeback

Lowry recently spoke with People about how she wants to be remembered for more than just her time on the “Teen Mom” franchise. The former MTV star is in the process of building her “Podcast Empire” and currently has three shows available, Coffee Convos (with co-host Lindsie Chrisley), Baby Mamas No Drama (with Vee Rivera), and Barely Famous (which Lowry hosts solo).

Lowry has said she is not opposed to a reality television return if she felt it were the right project, and thought marrying reality television with her new passion for podcasting may be a good idea.

“I think people would be very interested to see the dynamic behind the scenes of podcasting, especially when it is really saturated and people don’t like each other,” Lowry told People. “There’s a lot of cattiness that people don’t realize, and so I think that would be a really interesting show.”

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