Kailyn Lowry Leaks Texts about Relationship With Javi Marroquin

Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry

YouTube Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry is ready to show “Teen Mom” viewers the reality of her relationship with Javi Marroquin.

On the April 19 episode of “Teen Mom 2,” Lowry verbally shared a few of Marroquin’s text messages with a friend. The conversation began with an argument over parenting styles– as seen in the episode, Marroquin was upset that Lincoln wasn’t wearing a coat at a December football game. Lowry said she told Lincoln to bring a coat, but he didn’t.

After some back and forth, the conversation transitioned to their relationship. Lowry read aloud from the texts: “I said, I’m not going to argue with you and I’m not going to accept you giving me a speech. And he said, ‘then fix it. Every single week I tell you the same thing.'”

She continued, “And before this fight he said, ‘why aren’t we getting back together?’ And I was like, ‘because I would literally never get back with you.’ I was like, ‘you make my blood boil when we fight and I just don’t wanna do it.'”

Lowry and Marroquin called it quits in 2017; together, they are parents to eight-year-old Lincoln.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Weigh In on Lowry & Marroquin’s Relationship

Fans were vocal in the comments section of a Twitter video that previewed the above conversation.

One person wrote on Instagram, “What Javi sees in her I’ll never know!!”

Another wrote, “Honestly, I’d love to see them back together.”

A third disagreed, writing, “Hell no, they are meant apart. Javi is too much look, how he was with her…”

On her Instagram Story in March 2022, according to The Sun, Lowry showed fans a number of different ring designs just days after she informed her followers that Marroquin had asked her to get back together. She described the newly designed rings as a “super, super, super special project” that had been “in the works for some time now.”

Rumors of the Pair Rekindling

On a February 2022 episode of the “Baby Mamas No Drama” podcast, Lowry reflected on her relationship with Marroquin.

She said, “I know at the peak of my life, like 2016 Kail, you couldn’t tell me s**t, I was feeling great about myself, I was the most fit of my life. I was in the gym five to six days a week,” she said. “I said sign these divorce papers ASAP because I want to go live my life and figure out who Kail is outside of being a mom and a wife,” Lowry shared.

Lowry’s admission came just days after Marroquin begged his ex to stop posting about him.

Reddit users obtained the Instagram photo of Marroquin’s comment and posted it on a thread. Marroquin wrote, “You post stuff as if it’s humorous. Do not post me. I already asked you to stop posting me. Period. Respect that. GD.”

One user replied, “I can’t stand Javi but that’s so embarrassing for Kail’s life and soul.” Another added, “I thought they were done already.”

And a third weighed in about Lowry’s potential response, writing, “I bet she turns into petty Betty and makes things hard for him now all because he called her out on social. Though I don’t really understand this because he has been apart of her tik toks before…. So seems like he needs to make up his damn mind!”

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