Kailyn Lowry Exposed by ‘Bitter’ Ex Malik Montgomery

Kailyn Lowry Malik Montgomery

MTV/Malik Montgomery Malik Montgomery is done biting his tongue.

Malik Montgomery, the ex-boyfriend of “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry, vowed to tell his side of their ill-fated love story.

Montgomery’s proclamation came after it was shared on Instagram fan sites like Teen Mom Chatter, Wawamelen and Teen Mom Shade Room that Lowry was dating her neighbor, who The Sun identified as 23-year-old Elijah Scott.

“I made some comments yesterday that were emotionally charged. I definitely was bitter about some things that popped up, but I have every right to feel that way,” Montgomery said in a video on April 14, shared to Reddit. 

“Nobody can take that from me so I’m gonna talk about the things that I experienced until I can’t because I know things are being worked out to where I might not have this moment so if I gotta write about it, I’ll write about it,” he said. “If you know any publishers of literary agents, send ’em to me because people need to be held accountable for the way that they move and the way that they’ve always moved.”

“If they can’t control you or the situation, they’re gonna call you the bad guy but I’m ok with being the bad guy,” Montgomery added. “I’m gonna tell my story to the public.”

Montgomery made a comment on Teen Mom Shade Room’s April 13 post, saying, “Played me for the kid. Thrive on girl,” according to screenshots. 

He also shared a direct message that appeared to be from Lowry where she threatened to sue him. “You commented on the f****** shade room and you signed an NDA. So now, you can get f***** sued,” the “Teen Mom 2” star seemingly wrote. 

“NDA expired in feb of this year,” Montgomery answered. “But go on.”

When Were Montgomery & Lowry Together?

Montgomery and Lowry, who dated for two years on and off, kept their relationship hidden from the public for years. But fans became familiar with Montogmery after Lowry, 30, named him in her deposition for her lawsuit against co-star Briana DeJesus. Weeks later, he appeared on an episode of her third podcast, “Barely Famous,” where he opened up about their dating life.

The couple seemingly called in quits for good in March 2022, with Montgomery posting a video to Instagram where he said he was moving on.

“I’m single now. I was in a relationship with somebody for an extended period of time. There were a lot of ups and downs. It was a f****** rollercoaster,” he said, according to The Sun. “Going into this year I feel like I’ve been working on myself so much to be the best version of myself.”

Chris Lopez Slammed Lowry on His Podcast

Before Lowry’s new man was discovered by fan accounts on Instagram, Chris Lopez — who shares two children with Lowry — talked about Scott on his podcast, “P.T.S.D. Pressure Talks With Single Dads.”

Lopez was upset that he found out Scott was living with Lowry from their 4-year-old son, Lux.

“There’s no reason why my 4-year-old should be telling me about every dude you’re sleeping with,” he said on the April 12 episode, called “Fumbled the Bag.” “Cause he was just telling me about this last dude and now he’s telling me about the new dude.”

“You moving a little wild… just keep your private life private,” Lopez said. “They [Lowry] told me that the dude lives with them. Kinda threw my head off. But I can’t control what you do.”

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