PHOTO: Fans Suspect ‘Teen Mom’ Star Had Plastic Surgery

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MTV "Teen Mom" fans suspected Kayla Sessler underwent plastic surgery after they saw a new photo of her online.

“Teen Mom” fans suspected Kayla Sessler underwent plastic surgery after they saw a new photo of her online.

Sessler, 23, made a TikTok video where she talked about her earlier appearances on “Teen Mom.”

“When MTV shows throwback footage of me and my first baby daddy,” she captioned the clip.

She then mouths the line from “Vampire Diaries.”

“Burn it,” she says. “Did I say stand there and look stupid? No, I said burn it.”

Sessler added as the caption, “🔥🔥 ALL of it.”

Sessler first debuted on the show when she was pregnant with her eldest child, 4-year-old Izaiah. She welcomed him with her high school boyfriend, Stephan Alexander, in September 2017. The couple split months later in 2018. Sessler went on to welcome her second child, 2-year-old daughter Ariah, with her fiance, Luke Davis.

Sessler wore a full face of makeup for the video, including fake eyelashes, and she pulled her hair make to create two space buns at the nape of her neck. For her outfit, she opted for a white tank top and a button-down plaid T-shirt. She accessorized her look with gold hoop earrings.

Fans Wondered If Sessler Had Plastic Surgery

Screenshots of Sessler’s TikTok made their way over to Reddit, where an original poster was suspicious that Sessler underwent cosmetic enhancements.

“Did Kayla get a boob job??” the original poster asked.

“Damn she’s had a LOT done I didn’t even recognize her,” one person wrote. 

“I would have no idea who this was if the caption didn’t say Kayla,” said a second person.

“I didn’t even make it to her boobs…too busy staring at her lips!” read one of the most popular responses.

Sessler Slammed MTV for Cutting a ‘Crucial Scene’

In November 2021, Sessler shared that she chose to have an abortion, afraid she wouldn’t be able to take care of three children.

After an August 2022 episode of “Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant” aired, Sessler was disappointed with the way MTV handled the scene. Sessler was talking to her fiance about moving out because she needed space, but Sessler said there was more going on that MTV cameras didn’t show. She wasn’t just crying about her relationship with Davis.

“You can totally tell I’d been crying,” Sessler tweeted. “MTV cut out what I feel like was a crucial scene . I broke down when the kids met Kaiden… thinking damn this is what life would’ve been like if I had made a different decision.” 

“I wish MTV would’ve shown it,” she continued. “It’s important to see what was REALLY going on with me . Instead you guys saw the same conversation had 3 different times about me wanting space but not the main cause to why I was feeling the way I was.” 

Despite being engaged, Sessler said she doesn’t plan on getting married anytime soon. She asked for Davis to move out, and he went to live with one of his friends.

While she was in therapy to deal with her depression, Sessler also asked Davis to seek couseling. “I put a deadline on him getting help,” Sessler tweeted. “Two depressed people can’t have a successful relationship . I wanted us BOTH to get healthy.”

“Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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