‘Teen Mom’ Baby Daddy Dead at 28

Screenshot Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant

“Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” star, Malorie Beaver’s, ex-boyfriend, Lane Fernandez, has died. Fernandez welcomed his son with his current wife, Kylee Rose Fernandez, just three weeks ago.

Malorie’s sister, Rachel Beaver, confirmed Fernandez’s death on her Instagram Story. Over a photo of Fernandez swimming with his daughter, Emerson, Rachel wrote, “I can’t even begin to express the pain I feel right now. Gone too soon…rest easy Lane.”

Fernandez’s wife also posted a tribute to her husband on Instagram on June 13. She wrote on Facebook:

I’m so lost without you babe.. I love you to the moon and back and I know you’re watching out for us. I will forever miss you. It’s always been you💕 Nolyn, Emerson, and I love you so much and you were an amazing father, dog dad, and husband. You’ll forever be my rock, and my best friend. ❤️ I miss you more than anything baby

At this time, it is unclear how Fernandez died.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lane Fernandez’s Children

Fans first met Fernandez on “Teen Mom,” along with his then-girlfriend, Malorie. Their daughter, Emerson, was born during the second season of “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.”

Fernandez also starred in Seasons 2 and 3 of “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant”, according to Page Six.

In May 2022, Fernandez and his wife, Kylee Rose Fernandez, gave birth to son Nolyn, according to The Sun.

The last time Fernandez spoke to the press was in July 2021, when he told The Sun that he had not seen Emerson for three months– he shared this news amid the couple’s co-parenting struggles.

The Sun reported that earlier in the week, Malorie had called out Fernandez and his wife on Facebook, accusing them of not being the loving parents’ fans see on social media.

“We are very loving parents. I try and try to see my daughter but can’t and she lies about me trying,” Fernandez subsequently told the outlet in response to his ex’s claim.

The Battle Over Emerson’s Custody

Speaking to The Sun, Fernandez added, “To me, Malorie’s jealous that I got married and am building a life with another woman. That’s what I think and that Emerson talking about my wife to Malorie also makes her mad.”

He stated that he was considering filing for joint custody, but “it’s a big money racket.”

The outlet reported that the drama kicked off when Fernandez’s wife posted a Facebook tribute to Emerson that read, “Happy 3rd Birthday to our beautiful baby! I can’t believe you’re 3 already! You’re the best thing that has happened to me, and your daddy both! You make us so happy and we’re beyond blessed to call you daughter/step baby.”

In response to the post, Malorie wrote on her own Facebook page, per The Sun, “In case anyone was unaware, my daughter has not seen her father in months. The last time she saw him was for Easter because I worked a double & wanted her to be with one of her parents. After she got back she told me she never wanted to go back.”

She wrote, “Emerson is terrified of her father & that is the reason she no longer sees him. He called for her birthday while we were at SeaWorld & she didn’t even want to speak to him. She started crying when I tried handing her the phone.”

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