Leah Messer Denies Saying ‘That Word’ on Instagram Live

Leah Messer

MTV/Instagram Live "Teen Mom" star Leah Messer wants her fans to know one thing: She never said that word.

“Teen Mom” star Leah Messer wants her fans to know one thing: She never said that word.

Messer issued a brief statement — though she seems to have deleted it — after the Instagram account Teen Mom Fanz posted a clip from her October 11 Instagram live with Briana DeJesus and Maci Bookout. Her friends were trying to get Messer off the live stream, where she said, “No…no, n*****, I’m not telling them goodnight.”

Some fans accused her of saying a racial epithet, while others thought she was saying her friend’s name — Nicole — or something else.

Messer, 30, clarified what she said in the comments section on Instagram. “I’ve never said the N word and never would,” she wrote. “I said no no Nicole no.”

Messer also received support from her sister, Victoria Messer.

“Y’all are dumb with all this bulls***! She would never use that word, ever!” she penned. “Y’all will twist anything. F****** idiots need hearing aides.”

Messer’s friend, Nicole — who was with the “Teen Mom” star during the live stream — also defended the West Virginia native. “Okay now people are REALLY reaching… this is clearly NOT true,” she said.

The Sun reached out to Messer’s rep, who said they had “no further comment at this time” about the video.

Messer Broke Up With Her Fiance

The tipsy Instagram live happened the same day Messer and her ex-fiance, Jaylan Mobley, announced they were going to walk “separate paths.”

They were engaged for two months and dated for a year. They had planned to get married in 2023 and Messer told Entertainment Online that she envisioned herself walking down the aisle alone and her three daughters — 12-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah and 9-year-old Addie — being involved in the planning.

It’s not clear why Messer and Mobley broke up and it doesn’t seem like the “Teen Mom” star is ready to share any details anytime soon.

Rumors started to swirl that Mobley cheated on Messer, but she put out a cryptic tweet that hinted the infidelity rumors were without merit.

“While y’all are tripping on what the reason for the breakup is, we’re solid. Refocusing and transitioning into better days ahead of us,” she tweeted.

The post was retweeted by Mobley, though he didn’t add any text of his own.

Mobley’s last tweet is from September 16, where he appeared to condemn critics on social media. “HATERS DON’T REALLY HATE YOU.. THEY HATE THEMSELVES BECAUSE YOU’RE A REFLECTION OF WHAT THEY WISH TO BE..!!” he tweeted. 

Messer Faced Similar Backlash in 2019

Three years ago, Messer was parent-shamed after she allowed her daughter, Addie, to say the N-word while she was singing a song by rapper Cardi B.

According to a report by Celebuzz and Ace Showbiz, Messer was filming Addie while she was singing one of Cardi’s songs. She hesitated before the word came up, but then said it anyway. Messer uploaded the video to social media and added laughing emojis.

Messer and Mobley are currently being featured on “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.” It’s unclear if Mobley will appear in future iterations of the series.

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