PHOTO: ‘Teen Mom’ Caught With New Man After Split From Husband

Mackenzie McKee

MTV/Mackenzie McKee "Teen Mom" star Mackenzie McKee braided her new friend's hair on Instagram live.

“Teen Mom” star Mackenzie Douthit McKee might have moved on with a new man after her estrangement from her husband, Josh McKee. McKee confirmed their split on social media — and in various articles — in August.

McKee, 27, braided her friend’s hair on Instagram live and talked about how she met “Demetri” for the first time.

“We had fun. We’ll show them how we danced,” she said at the beginning of the clip, which was recorded by the fan account Teen Mom Shade Room.

“Actually, I’ll show you how I picked her up in the club by dancing to booty-shaking music,” Demetri said.

McKee grinned and then shook her hips for the camera and stuck her tongue out. The “Teen Mom” alum then hinted that she went to a different club with someone else and Demetri waited for her.

“I let her do her thing,” he said. “I was twerking!” McKee added.

The friends giggled when fans on the live questioned whether or not Mckee could actually twerk.

McKee didn’t talk about her split from her husband, whom she was with for 12 years. The former couple has three children together: Gannon, 10, Jaxie, 8, and Broncs, 5.

Fans Thought McKee’s Mystery Man Was ‘Hot’

Fans on Reddit liked what they saw in McKee’s live stream.

“Opens video: hot damn 🔥🥵 Turns on sound: 😳,” reads one of the most popular responses, with more than 100 upvotes.

“He’s hot, and he’s already got way more personality than Josh ever thought about having 😂🤷,” said another top comment, with nearly 200 upvotes.

Not everyone was praising Demetri, though. “Getting major cornball vibes from this dude, and immaturity. Perfect for mack,” said one naysayer. 

McKee Is ‘Proud’ That She Walked Away From Her Husband

After years of ups and downs, McKee said she was confident in her decision to leave Josh.

“I was so proud of myself for choosing able to walk away that I wanted everyone to know because it was hard work. In fact, didn’t walk away, I crawled,” McKee explained in a YouTube video. “It was hard work to walk away, but staying was harder.”

“It’s no secret Josh has had affairs on me, it’s not secret I haven’t been the best wife,” she said. “But all in all, we are both walking away from this marriage with deep scars and wounds but no one wins here.”

McKee made it clear that she was not going to demonize her husband this time around as she has during previous breakups.

“No one wins in divorce,” she explained. “For the first time, I’m looking in the mirror and I’m saying Mackenzie, you are worth something, and life didn’t happen to you, life happened for you.”

Before annoying their split, McKee hinted she was dating again by sharing pictures of herself going to the club and being “free.”

“People see me unleashed and finally happy after years of hell ‘I’m worried you are gonna go downhill’ b**** why were you not worried when I was suicidal and being emotionally abused daily?” she tweeted on July 31. “I’m good and free. Never been better in fact.”

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