Ryan Edwards Goes on Furious Rant After Being Fired

Ryan Edwards

MTV "Teen Mom OG" alum Ryan Edwards, who was fired from the MTV series in March 2021, went on an expletive-filled Instagram rant.

Ryan Edwards — who was fired from “Teen Mom OG” in March 2021 — went on an expletive-filled Instagram rant after his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, posted a photo of Edwards with their daughter, 1-year-old Stella.

“Pretty rare that we get 1 on 1 time with each of our kids… but when we do it’s perfect✨,” Standifer captioned the photo.

As noted by The Sun, social media users said Edwards looked “like hell” and “rough.”

The comments section has since been disabled. But before it was, Edwards had some words for “Teen Mom OG” fans.

“You dumb f****** got it all wrong,” Edwards started the tirade, as captured by fan page Teen Mom Chatter. “I’m just a s*** bag because I’m white and privileged. Y’all idiots don’t know s*** but what is on TV. You people are worthless cowards.”

“10+ years I’ve never met one motherf***** to say one negative thing to my face,” he continued. “You think that with everything else going on in our country right now you would question the way you act because it’s the people like you who act like whining a** b****** that got us in this pathetic state.”

Edwards then seemed to praise his wife in a roundabout way.

“And it will be the ppl like me and my wife and the other half of the ppl that would rather do something positive with their life that has to fix it,” he said

The father-of-three ended his posts with a few more expletives.

“So next time you go to say some stupid s*** that you know nothing about… bit your tongue… the f*** off,” the Tennessee native said. “IT WILL HELP US ALL.”

Standifer and Edwards have two children together, Stella and a 3-year-old son, Jagger. Edwards is also the father of 13-year-old Bentley, whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Maci Bookout.

Standifer also has a son from a previous relationship, 8-year-old Hudson.

Social Media Users Were Confused by Edwards’ Rant

“Teen Mom” fans weren’t sure what to make of Edwards’ response. Social media users on Reddit flocked to a thread about the incident, which garnered hundreds of comments and upvotes.

“Translation: I’m white trash so I don’t understand the concept of privilege,” one person wrote. “Now I’m going to whine and act like Jesus on the cross. I’m such a martyr. Go Trump 2024.”

“Well Farrah, your reign is over,” said another commenter. “You must pass the Word Salad crown and scepter to Rhine.”

Some people said they felt embarrassed for Edwards.

“So insane to me when people like this have a superiority complex,” they said. “I have secondhand embarrassment just trying to push myself through reading that.”

Bookout Has ‘No Interest’ Communicating With Her Son’s Paternal Family

Since the blowup at the “Teen Mom OG” reunion in March 2021, Bookout hasn’t been on good terms with the Edwards. This includes her ex, his wife and his parents, Jen and Larry Edwards.

“Right now, we honestly don’t have any real communication or relationship with them,” Bookout told E! News in September 2021. “As far as Jen and Larry go, I’m not sure if that will change or will not change. I just know how I feel. I don’t want it to be forced.”

“I don’t want to force everyone to just move on and get over it. I think if it works out and everyone feels okay and right about mending the relationship, then I’m all for that,” she continued. “I just don’t want it to be something that is forced or unnatural because I just don’t think you build solid relationships or mend solid relationships if it’s not genuine. We’ll see.”

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