‘The Bachelorette’ Michelle Young Finale & ATFR Live Spoilers & Recap

Michelle Young

ABC/Craig Sjodin Michelle Young on "The Bachelorette" finale.

Michelle Young’s journey on “The Bachelorette” concludes tonight. Leading up to her finale, the teacher from Minnesota narrowed down her 30 suitors to two final men: Nayte Olukoya and Brandon Jones. Who will receive her final rose?

According to the episode’s synopsis, “With two incredible beaus remaining, Michelle’s parents and sister join her in beautiful Mexico to get to know the men who may be joining their family. The pressure is on to impress, but will they stick the landing or fall short? After each guy has met the family and taken Michelle on one final date, she’ll have a life-changing decision to make. Has she found her soulmate, and will he get down on one knee?”

The live “After the Final Rose” special will immediately follow the finale. ABC promises host Kaitlyn Bristowe “will lead the night, guiding emotional discussions of love and heartbreak between Michelle and her final two men. Plus, appearances from Bachelor Nation fan-favorites and some very special surprises you won’t want to miss.”


8:02: Co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe kicks off the live finale of “The Bachelorette” by informing viewers that Tayshia Adams will not be joining her. The former Bachelorette was recently exposed to COVID-19.

8:05: A misty-eyed Michelle reunites with her parents and sister to discuss her final two men, giving them the lowdown on her remaining relationships. Her parents, Lavonne and Ephraim, previously met Brandon during his one-on-one date in Minnesota. Michelle’s father reveals he sees himself in Brandon.

8:08: Fans might recall Brandon donning Eprhaim’s swim trunks during his one-on-one date. As promised, he presents his potential future father-in-law with a new pair! Ephraim gives the 26-year-old traveling nurse recruiter his seal of approval saying they would adopt him with no questions asked.

8:10: It seems Michelle’s mother has a clear favorite: Brandon. When he tells her “I’ve truly found out that I was in love with your daughter. And yeah, so that was a big moment for me just ‘cause I don’t use that word too lightly and I just want to marry her so bad, you know?” LaVonne responds, “I want that for you too. I know there’s still someone else here, too, but yeah, I would be so happy if you’re here in the end.”

8:14: Could it be happily ever after? Michelle admits she can see herself enjoying life with Brandon.

8:18: Is it even “The Bachelorette” if the lead doesn’t look longingly over a picturesque beach? Michelle readies herself to introduce Nayte to her family. Though they admit, it will be hard to not compare him to Brandon. And according to Michelle, their approval is essential.

8:21: Ephraim cannot help but notice Nayte’s different vibe, saying Brandon’s presence was “warmer.” But her family all have the same question: will he move to Minnesota? His answer is unclear.

8:23: LaVonne seemed nervous when Nayte admitted he had never been in love before, telling him she worries he is not ready for an engagement. “I’m not sure you’re 100% in”she says, though he proclaims, “I am very ready to get down on one knee.”

8:29: Tis the season for public displays of affection! Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt kiss under a mistletoe held up by none other than Santa Claus himself. Now back to the show.

8:30: Lavonne does not think Nayte is ready for an engagement and she wants her daughter to know it! As Michelle says, “I deserve to be a in a relationship where someone loves me as much as I love them.”

8:33: Nayte’s in his head, could his heart be broken? He wants Michelle to know that he does love her!

8:40: It is all engines go as Michelle and Brandon embark on their last date of the season. The duo are jet-skiing around!

8:51: Brandon presents Michelle with his favorite white sweatshirt, the one she spilled coffee and juice on! The little moments are clearly important to him.

8:55: Michelle tells Brandon, “I do, I really am in love with you.”

9:02: Nayte is NERVOUS heading into his date without her parents’ overwhelming approval. Let’s see if this ritual with Raul will help him build her confidence.

9:09: Michelle sees RED FLAGS with Nayte. Is he ready?

9:11: Nayte tells Michelle that he never expected to make it to the finale, so he only brought two suits. But now that he knows her, he is scared they will not end up together.

9:18: Worried it may be too late, Nayte is opening up to Michelle. As he said, “All I do, all I do is think about life with you.”

9:20: Leaving Nayte, Michelle admits, “I think my heart is telling me this is my person.” But back in her suite, she reads a note from Brandon and is struggling, saying she loves them both.

9:28: Neil Lane finally returns to help Michelle get her dream ring! Nayte and Brandon pick out the perfect rings for their dream girl.

9:39: Coming out of the SUV in the dreaded first position, Brandon headed to Michelle for a heartbreaking goodbye. As waves drowned her out, Michelle’s face is tear-stained as she tells him, “I have to go with what I feel, but it hurts so much. You are this unbelievable person.” Always a class act, he tells her, “I truly wish you happiness. I truly mean that, even if it is not with me.”

10:00: They’re engaged! Michelle accepted Nayte’s proposal before giving him the final rose of the season!

10:30: The newly engaged couple made their public debut and he finally won her parents over! And to top it off, their moms are friends.

10:45: Nothing says Christmas like a gingerbread house! Kaitlyn had Santa Claus bring the newly engaged couple the baked treat and within it was a downpayment on their first house together!

10:50: The man Kaitlyn said does need an introduction, “because honestly, no one knows who he is,” Clayton Echard emerged as the next Bachelor. Combatting backlash from fans, Clayton read out mean tweets before the promo for the upcoming season aired.

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