‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoilers Reveal Major Cast Member Injury: ‘Sorry Haters, I Survived’

The 'Bachelor in Paradise' season 8 cast

ABC Then initial season 8 "Bachelor in Paradise" cast gathers.

Spoilers for “Bachelor in Paradise” season 8 tease that viewers will see plenty of romance on the beach along with loads of drama. Early previews have revealed there will be an ambulance involved at some point, and cast members looked panicked during a similar portion of the sneak peek that seemed connected to that emergency. It seems both the panic and ambulance arrival are likely connected to an injury apparently sustained by contestant Casey Woods. What happened to this suitor who was originally on Michelle Young’s season of “The Bachelorette”?

Warning! Major spoilers ahead!

Woods Was Part of the Initial Cast

According to spoiler king Reality Steve, Woods was one of the initial “Bachelor in Paradise” cast members to hit the sand for season 8. Long-time fans of the show know that there is usually an initial group of men and women who start out the season, and more people come in as others depart. There is an additional twist this time around that will reportedly cause a lot of chaos, but spoilers signal the twist does not affect Woods at all.

Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate Woods initially hits it off, to some extent, with Brittany Galvin from Matt James’ season of “The Bachelor.” The first rose ceremony for season 8 of “Bachelor in Paradise” has the men giving roses to the ladies, and Woods gives his to Galvin. At some point before the second rose ceremony, however, Woods has an accident of some sort. So far, “Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers have not revealed specific details regarding what happened. However, during filming, Reality Steve shared what he knew. “Casey broke his ankle pre-rose ceremony #2, so he was gone before” the second rose ceremony.

The Injury Was a Significant One

After returning home, Woods shared frequent updates via his Instagram stories. It does not appear he explained what happened while he was filming “Bachelor in Paradise,” but it seems viewers will not have to wait long to see it play out on screen. In his previous, since-expired Instagram stories, Woods revealed he had to have surgery on his leg on July 6, and he teased after it, “Sorry haters, I survived.” His mobility was seriously impacted by whatever happened, as he was relying on the help of family, a walker, and a wheelchair to get around prior to surgery.

Woods was released from the hospital to head home on July 7, but that did not last long. “After excruciating pain for hours at home, had to go back to the hospital,” the “Bachelor in Paradise” star later shared in another story. A few days later, he noted the pain had decreased a lot, and he was getting a new cast due to “normal bleeding.” He joked about “feeling more colorful” in his blue cast, but the next day shared a selfie and admitted he’d gotten up to take it and had “Instant regret.” That cast was removed on July 20, and he was thrilled that his sutures from surgery were taken out early. “I don’t need to be stuck in bed 24/7!”

The “Bachelor in Paradise” star also shared a photo of an x-ray post-surgery that revealed a significant number of screws the surgeon put in to repair his injury. “I’ve always had a screw loose. Hopefully these hold,” he joked. He was stuck with a cast through August, and on August 25 he shared a snapshot from the gym while still wearing one. “Been doing 12hr days at work on an exciting new business pitch…Woke up today feeling extra energized.” Fans will probably be eager to learn more about exactly what happened to Woods while filming “Bachelor in Paradise,” as well as find out how he is doing now.