Clare Crawley Health Update: 1 Year Since Her ‘Empowering Choice’

Clare Crawley

Getty Clare Crawley living her best life.

Clare Crawley is a Bachelor Nation icon. At 41, she is the oldest Bachelorette in the franchise’s history, and the only one to ever leave mid-season. Something else unique about Crawley is her candidness about the choices she makes for her mind and body.

Crawley recently posted a health update on Instagram in which she revealed “Making the empowering choice to remove my implants has been a 50/50 physical and mental process that words can’t describe.”

Crawley Expresses What Life is Like Now

Crawley told her followers, “A lot can change in a year! Photo memories popped up on my phone of this time last year and to be honest it shook me. I was soooo sick. Feeling broken down. Alone. Defeated.”

According to a May 31, 2022 article in People magazine, Crawley experienced negative physical reactions to her breast implants, “including an itchy rash on her upper body and elevated white blood cell count.” Since she had the implants removed, Crawley claims to feel much better both physically and mentally. She stated in her Instagram post, that when looking back at old pictures from before she underwent the procedure, she felt “shook.” She added, “little did I know I was a month out from beginning one of the greatest journeys of my life… back to self.”

While Crawley admits that the journey has not been “smooth or easy,” she affirms, “taking that leap towards honoring my body + soul, allowed so much to fall away and truly heal. It really is more beautiful than I ever could have imagined!!”

This is Not the First Time Crawley Has Discussed Her Implants on Instagram

In July 2021, Crawley took to Instagram to talk openly about her situation, and to inspire others. She wrote, “I’m sharing this in hopes that it might help others going through something similar feel not so alone.” In the video accompanying the post, Crawley explains, “I’ve been having really bad hives and a rash, all down my stomach and down my neck, down the sides of my neck, and it’s on my arms…and the worst part usually gets around my eyes.”  Crawley shows inset photos of the rash while speaking.

Also in the video, Crawley expresses the frustration that she experienced from enduring test after test and medication after medication. She was getting no satisfactory answers from her doctors. Then, she finally had hope after visiting a chiropractor who suggested that she get a mammogram. It turned out she had a pocket of fluid behind one of her implants.

After more tests and discussions with doctors, Crawley decided she needed to get her breast implants removed. According to a July 5, 2021 article in People magazine, “Crawley’s decision comes amid an uptick in breast implant illnesses (BII), a newly emerging syndrome that is occurring in people with implants and can cause symptoms ranging from chronic fatigue to breathing problems to depression and hair loss, among others.”

Crawley Also Shared Her ‘6 Month Explant Anniversary’ with Fans

In January 2022, Crawley posted a six-month update on Instagram about her breast implant removal, which she called her “6 month explant anniversary.” In that post, she expresses her gratitude to her doctor and everyone who has supported her. She writes, “Could not be more grateful for the ones that have stood by my side when I have been at my lowest and have seen me through to my happiest days now.”

Currently, at almost one year after the surgery, Crawley continues to feel better, and to feel grateful. Fans have showed an outpouring of support. One Instagram poster wrote, “Sweetheart, your implants didn’t make you beautiful…. Your heart and soul did!” Another supporter expressed, “You are who you were meant to be. And you’re more beautiful than ever. Good on you for being true to YOU. And congratulations on all the hard work you did to finally live and love yourself as you are. People live and die never experiencing true love of self.”

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