‘Bachelorette’ News: Clare Crawley Makes Tough Decision After Mammogram Results

Getty Images Clare Crawley.

Clare Crawley has been having some serious health issues over the past couple of years. The former “Bachelorette” star opened up about her struggles in a candid Instagram post that she shared on July 3, 2021.

Crawley told her fans and followers that she’s been quiet on social media for a while because her health issues have sort of kicked into high gear in recent weeks. She went into detail about what’s been going on with her — and what she thinks may be causing her body to go haywire.

The former reality star said that she’s been seeking answers about what’s going on with her, but doctors haven’t been able to figure it out despite numerous appointments and tests. Crawley shared several photos of hives all over her body, on her stomach and around her eyes. She said she was put on various medications and essentially treated for allergies, but the hives didn’t stop.

“It’s scary going through something health-wise that you don’t have answers to,” Crawley said. She went on to say that it’s tough to put on a happy face and act like things are fine “when you know you’re not doing okay.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Crawley Was Encouraged to Get a Mammogram

Crawley said that her doctor encouraged her to have a mammogram about a month ago when things “came to a head.” She was at the chiropractor and went for an X-ray. The doctor noticed a “huge pocket of fluid” behind one of her breast implants.

The radiologist noticed “some stuff going on in some suspicious areas,” which is enough to send any woman into a panic. Crawley was sent for additional imaging and an ultrasound. Doctors found “fluid sacks” behind her implants.

Crawley’s doctor has looked over her past bloodwork, and her white blood cell count has been elevated for the past five years, indicating that her body was “fighting something that we didn’t know.” She then got emotional, revealing that she needs to have her implants removed.

Doctors now believe that Crawley is having an adverse reaction to her implants. “My body is fighting them, and recognizes them as something foreign in my body,” Crawley said. She then showed that her glands are swollen and said that her body “can’t heal.”

She went on to say that as much as she loves her breast implants, she needs to do what is best for her overall health. “That’s what matters,” she said. Crawley will be having her implants removed and said that she’s “ready” to do it. She also said that she will be documenting the next steps, and taking her fans along with her, in an effort to help anyone else who may be going through something similar.

“I’m excited to share this with you guys,” she said.

Adverse Reactions to Breast Implants Can Be Common & Several Celebs Have Had Their Implants Removed Due to Illness

Yolanda Hadid

GettyYolanda Hadid in 2018

Crawley is certainly not alone when it comes to her body rejecting her breast implants. In fact, Healthline reports that many patients have become ill after getting implants.

Over the years, several patients have been forced to have their implants removed due to illness. There have also been quite a few celebrities who have gone through something similar, according to Us Weekly.

Former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Yolanda Hadid had her implants removed after doctors felt that the silicon was worsening her Lyme Disease symptoms. Former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Judge had her implants removed due to autoimmune issues, according to People magazine.

Earlier this year, former “Playboy” model Kayla Lochte had her implants removed after she struggled with serious health issues — both physical and mental. Actor Ashley Tisdale also had her implants removed, believing they were the root cause of some food sensitivity issues she had been having.

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