‘The Bachelor’ Winner Pinpoints Tricky Editing Before Hometowns

Joey Graziadei

Heavy/ABC Joey Graziadei is falling in love.

Joey Graziadei is down to his final four women on “The Bachelor.” During episode 8, he travels to meet the ladies’ families. Before episode 7 rose ceremony, he noted something potentially significant. He picked up on the difference in how some ladies described their feelings for him.

“The Bachelor” fans may wonder how this impacts his decisions heading into his final rose ceremony. A former winner of the show suggested the way the conversations really played out with Graziadei may not have been quite how they were shown on television, though.

Here’s what you need to know:

Daisy Kent’s Admission to ‘Falling’ Seemed Manipulated

Graziadei decided to keep Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson, Rachel Nance, and Maria Georgas for the round of hometown dates. As “The Bachelor” viewers saw in the previous episode, he had tough conversations with both Georgas and Kent.

Both ladies suggested they were struggling with the filming process and their feelings for Graziadei. This was not the first time that Georgas had suggested she might choose to leave. During his time with Kent, some doubts surfaced there too.

Kent ended up being the only woman remaining who hasn’t told Graziadei she’s in love with him. As former “Bachelor” winner Courtney Robertson suggested in a recent podcast, tricky editing might have played a role there.

Robertson chatted about Graziadei’s season on Us Weeky’s “Here for the Right Reasons” February 28 podcast.

As everybody saw in that episode, Kent was shown in a confessional seemingly admitting it’s “happening,” suggesting he’s falling in love with Graziadei. At another point, Kent said, “I’m falling.”

The former “Bachelor” winner noted in the podcast she wondered if Kent’s words were edited and manipulated.

“Daisy — I don’t know if anybody’s ever gotten to this point and she’s like, ‘Hey, I’m not going to love-level 4 you and say I’m falling for you,'” Robertson suggested. She continued, “I thought it was interesting. Something I noticed with the ice skating date afterwards she’s like, I’m falling.’ And then they show it in the next clip, [her saying], ‘I think it’s happening.'”

Robertson shared, “But I wondered if she was talking about falling on the ice skating rink and then they just clipped it together.” She believes Kent’s reference to “falling” may have been about ice skating, not Graziadei.

“If you watch it back, you can see that they’ve clipped two things together. It’s not fluid,” Robertson pointed out. She added that Kent may have said something like, “I’m falling all over the place,” and the editors snipped the falling tidbit and used it to suggest she was referring to her feelings for Graziadei.

Robertson Praised ‘The Bachelor’ Producers Regarding Maria Georgas

As for Georgas admitting she might be ready to go home in episode 7, Robertson understood what she felt. “I did that right before hometowns. … Like, ‘Make me stay,'” Robertson shared.

She noted that she had been nervous before hometowns with “The Bachelor” that season, Ben Flajnik, and she did a bit of “self-sabotage” because of her nerves.

In Graziadei’s case, he didn’t get too deep into Georgas’ suggestion she might leave. Ultimately, Robertson felt, Georgas handled her recovery well.

“She was apologetic. Whatever producer talked to her in that bathroom, gets a gold medal because they show her crying and they’re talking to someone and they were like, ‘This is not working,” Robertson shared. “She handled it well, she bounced back,” the former “Bachelor” star noted.