Dale Moss’ Cousin Shared a Group Photo After Clare Crawley Fallout Rumors

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley.

ABC Dale Moss and Clare Crawley on the set of 'The Bachelorette.'

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley have not yet responded to the split rumors surrounding their relationship over the past week and a half. The couple, who got engaged on the early finale of The Bachelorette last year, has not appeared on each other’s respective social media accounts since those rumors hit the internet.

As previously reported by Heavy, a Bachelor Nation fan account was on the case when something apparently went down between Crawley and Moss’ cousin. According to Life & Style Magazine, that cousin has been identified as Debo Mills. It is believed that Crawley and Mills unfollowed each other on social media, but the reason is unknown.

Around the same time, Mills had uploaded a screenshot of Larry June’s song, “Thank God for the Trap,” to his Instagram story. On the photo, he wrote a caption that read, “We know the truth. Now unfollow US in real life.”

A short while later, after the internet filled with chatter of a Moss-Crawley split, it is believed that Mills deleted the post.

Then, on January 15, Mills posted a “flashback Friday” photo of himself with Moss and Crawley, tagging them both in the photo.

Here’s what you need to know:

Dale Moss Liked & Commented on the Throwback Photo & He and Clare Crawley Both Liked Each Other’s Most Recent Posts

While Moss and Crawley haven’t posted anything together in more than a week, there have been some other curious things happening on social media that might suggest that the two haven’t broken up — or that they’re just trying to keep things as normal as possible until they are ready to make the announcement.

Moss liked his cousin’s post, and even commented on it.

“What is PC? Photo cred?” Moss asked.

Interestingly, both Moss and Crawley liked their respective most recent Instagram uploads, though some fans claim that the likes are recent.

“Also looks like Dale not only very recently liked Clare’s post about her mom, but also liked her ‘Let’s never leave’ post,” one Reddit user noticed. A few others made similar comments.

Clare Crawley Still Follows Dale Moss’ Sister Robyn Moss Who Took the Pic

Dale Moss’ sister, Robyn, is the person that Mills’ credited for taking the picture. Crawley still follows Robyn on Instagram, suggesting that she and Dale Moss haven’t actually split. Or, again, they could be keeping up with appearances until they’re ready to announce their breakup.

Some fans seem to think that Moss and Crawley just went through a rough patch — perhaps a fight or a disagreement when they were around Moss’ cousin. At this point, no one knows what actually went down save for the people who were involved — and they aren’t giving fans any information.

“They probably aren’t officially over yet but taking time apart so it might be a while before we get any clarity about what’s going on,” one Reddit user commented on a Dale and Clare thread.

“I think they’re just sorting things through on their end and coming to terms with whatever happened before releasing any public statement,” added another.

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