Here’s Why Fans Think Dale Moss & Clare Crawley Have Split

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley.

ABC Dale Moss and Clare Crawley on the set of 'The Bachelorette.'

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley seemed to be doing extremely well post-Bachelorette finale, but there are now rumors that there’s some trouble in paradise. Said rumors started on Thursday, when a couple of Bachelor fan accounts on Instagram shared some interesting scoop.

The account Bacheloring posted a screenshot of an Instagram story earlier in the day, claiming that the screenshot was from Dale Moss’ cousin’s account. Bacheloring’s caption suggested that Moss and Crawley had been hanging out with Moss’ cousin (unnamed), but that something must have happened as Moss’ cousin unfollowed Crawley and Crawley unfollowed him. Moreover, Moss’ cousin allegedly posted a still of Larry June’s song, “Thank God for the Trap.” The post is said to have since been deleted.

Heavy cannot confirm or deny if this information is true.

From there, chatter only escalated. Bacheloring posted another update, claiming that both Moss and Crawley deleted their most recent photos together on Instagram. Moreover, a comment made by Moss on one of Crawley’s recent posts that read, “I’ll never leave you,” was supposedly deleted.

The rumor mill has been in high gear ever since.

Here’s what you need to know:

Eagle-Eyed Fans Noticed That Clare Crawley’s Engagement Ring Wasn’t Visible in the Post She Uploaded to Instagram on Thursday

Crawley’s post about her mom only exacerbated split rumors, as the former Bachelorette appeared to “hide” her left hand, thus hiding her engagement ring.

“I will add that her hiding her ring finger in the post about her Mom is suspicious,” one Reddit user commented on a Moss/Crawley thread.

“OMG yesss good call! This is the juicy observation I needed,” wrote another.

Interestingly, Moss did not appear to “like” or comment on Crawley’s emotional post. She did, however, receive a good amount of support from other Bachelor Nation members.

Moss also posted to Instagram on Thursday, albeit to his story. He shared a photo of the January 14 page in what appears to be a book on faith. It was his caption, however, that got fans’ attention.

“God’s plan is bigger than we can imagine,” Moss wrote across the top of the pic.

Some Fans Are Convinced Dale Moss & Clare Crawley Are Done And That This May Have Been Brewing for a While

Several Bachelor/ette fans have been weighing in on the rumors, and many do seem to think that Moss and Crawley are done.

“I think they either ended things or are about to end things. Not surprising given what I have seen Clare do in previous relationships,” one Reddit user commented on the aforementioned thread.

“I think it may have started from the holidays I think it was New Years when Dale was supposed to go to Cali and was snowed in in NY. But found it weird that Taysia flew out to be with Zach. Just my opinion,” added another.

“Seems sus [sic] for sure… could definitely be splitsville. I mean, they barely knew each other going into the engagement,” echoed a third.

Neither Moss nor Crawley have addressed the split rumors, and they haven’t posted on social media together in more than 24 hours.

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