Department of Health Reveals if Licensed Counselor Taylor Nolan Is Under Investigation for Offensive Tweets

Taylor Nolan

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for iHeartMedia Taylor Nolan.

Weeks after the Washington Department of Health revealed it had received complaints about Taylor Nolan’s past tweets, Page Six is now reporting she is officially under investigation.

As spokesperson Gordon MacCracken told the publication, the investigation “doesn’t necessarily mean that disciplinary action will occur, just that we are moving to the stage of an investigation.”

MacCracken further explained to Page Six that the investigation does not have a set timeline and he is unable to “predict an outcome.” As the outlet noted, “The DOH will not comment further on the investigation as it is still pending.”

Nolan came under fire for tweets being called racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, fatphobic and ableist. The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alum has held an active mental health license in Washington since 2016.

MacCracken revealed to Page Six that should she face charges, the results could range from “dismissal or withdrawal of charges” to “license suspension or revocation.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Nolan Has Faced Backlash for Past Tweets

Nolan has been a vocal critic as Bachelor Nation has faced multiple racial scandals, yet she soon found herself at the center of controversy when past tweets and Facebook posts from 2011-2014 surfaced on Reddit.

Among the tweets were ones mocking African, Asian and Indian communities, using homophobic and ableist slurs and sharing comments on “ugly” and “slutty” people.

She also disparaged sexual assault survivors and others who struggle with their mental health. In one tweet, she wrote suicide is a treatment for certain personality disorders.

Since the tweets were posted, she has issued a since-deleted video and two written apologies on Instagram.

In her last apology directly addressing “the LGBTQI+ community,” “the women and survivors of sexual assault,” “those struggling with long-standing mental illness,” “the Asian, the Jewish and BIPOC community,” and “those struggling with body shame and fatphobia” on Instagram, she promised, “I may not have stood with you then, but I will continue to stand with you today.”

In the previous ones, she claimed critics who opposed how vocal she is about politics and racism dug up the posts. Nolan later acknowledged she had not seen the full breadth of the resurfaced posts when she initially only addressed only communities of color. She explained how her own internalized racism from white supremacy caused her to perpetuate those views to create a “false sense of safety.”

Her many responses faced criticism, as Bekah Martinez wrote on her third apology that she felt “bamboozled.”

Nolan has remained silent, only posting in support of Asian Americans who have faced recent violence.

The Department of Health Previously Revealed Nolan Has Faced Complaints

In early March, the Washington Department of Health revealed it had received complaints against the mental health counselor.

“This week, we’ve received multiple complaints against Nolan in connection with the issues you mentioned,” MacCracken told Page Six. “Those complaints are under assessment. Patient safety is our top priority, and we take all complaints seriously.”

E! News corroborated the claims, adding that no formal investigation had been launched at the time. The spokesperson told the outlet, “In short, this is in the early stages, and we can’t predict what the result may be.”

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