Is There an Escort on The Bachelor 2021?

The cast of 'The Bachelor'

ABC/Craig Sjodin The cast for season 25 of 'The Bachelor' pose on night one.

A new season of The Bachelor premieres, tonight, Monday, January 4 at 8pm CT/7pm ET on ABC. Bachelor Matt James will try and find love on the newest season of the hit reality show. James will have his choice of women to date, but with love also comes drama.

One of James’ contestants may be hiding a secret. During a sneak peak of the season, a contestant hints that one of the girls may be an escort. “In this house, there are no secrets,” one of the ladies says during the sneak peek.

The clip then shoes two contestants having a conversation about the mysterious woman. One of the ladies tells the other, “Well I’ve heard two different terms going around. I’ve heard sugar baby and escort.” While the ladies are having this conversation, the camera pans to contestant Sarah Trott in a bikini with James.

Anna Redman, a copywriter from Chicago, speaks in a confessional about rumors she’s also heard. Redman tells the camera, “She [the undisclosed contestant] may be having a transactional relationship with wealthy men.”

Sarah Trott Becomes a Controversial Contestant

The Bachelor hasn’t confirmed who the alleged escort or sugar baby is, but even if it’s not contestant Sarah Trott, she still causes some drama. The same preview clip shows more drama, arguments, and plenty of shed tears that occur throughout the season.

The preview hints that the villain of the season is “Queen” Victoria Larson. Larson introduces herself in the preview, “The queen has arrived b******.” Larson stirs up drama immediately, as one of the girls saying in a confessional, “Victoria has been a mean girl since day one.”

Larson and Trott appear to become enemies as the season goes on. In the preview, Larson tells the group of girls, “Sometimes you just let a b**** go.” Larson adds in another scene, “Can you tell Matt that like Sarah sucks?”

Trott starts sobbing to James and tells him, “That was so brutal. I just felt so attacked.” Another contestant then tells Trott, “If you’re going to throw another tantrum, there’s going to be an issue.” The camera shows Trott nodding while crying.

Larson ends the feud section of the preview by saying in a confessional, “If Matt sends [Sarah Trott] home, I will want to f*** him, because I’ll just be like, ‘That is so hot that he can see through her bulls***.'” Trott is then shown walking away crying.

The Bachelor Season Is Filled With Tears

Contestant Sarah Trott isn’t the only person breaking down on this season of The Bachelor. The dating series is known to stir up emotions, and this season is no exception.

The sneak peek preview alone shows eleven women (nearly one-third of the contestants) breaking down crying. One of the contestants notes, “It’s a mind f*** being here.” Other contestants add, “I’m so sick to my stomach,” “I’m cracking,” and “I am about to explode.”

James himself struggles with the pressure and emotional difficulties. At one point, James is sitting on a curb when host Chris Harrison joins him. Harrison asks James if he’s okay to which James responds, “No, I’m not.” He eventually breaks down sobbing during a confessional.

The 29-year-old tells the camera, “One of the things that’s been hard for me in my relationships is going deep and sharing who I am, what I am about, what I’ve been through because it opens up this place that scares me. I think about my mom, I think about my brother – and how this broken family and broken marriage has affected our lives. And I don’t want to put anyone through that. And the only thing I’m certain of is love causes you to do things that you wouldn’t normally do.”

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