‘The Golden Bachelor’ Lead Revealed

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Heavy Spoilers have revealed scoop on "The Golden Bachelor" lead.

After several years of waiting, “The Golden Bachelor” is finally coming together. Just as filming is set to begin, spoilers have emerged and fans will surely be eager to learn more.

In May, ABC confirmed they would finally have “The Golden Bachelor” ready to debut in the fall. The idea had been floating around for several years already, but until recently, the network hadn’t made much progress in bringing it to television screens. Now, ABC is moving full-steam ahead, and on July 17 the network revealed the first lead for the Bachelor Nation spinoff.

Here’s what you need to know:

‘The Golden Bachelor’ Lead Is a Franchise Unknown

Spoiler king Reality Steve posted a handful of tweets leading up to the network’s official reveal, detailing some “The Golden Bachelor” spoilers. On July 14, Reality Steve tweeted that while he did not know the lead’s name, he had heard he “kinda resembles Robert Redford.”

The blogger added that the new lead was not a celebrity, nor did he seem to have any connections to anybody else in Bachelor Nation. In addition, the season will not include any traveling abroad, Reality Steve reported.

He also tweeted, “Now, don’t crucify me if he’s not a Robert Redford look-a-like come Monday. Just what I’m hearing who he kinda resembles. Good looking guy apparently and people are gonna like him.” Initially, Reality Steve believed the upcoming “Golden Bachelor” star was in his 50s or 60s. On July 16, Reality Steve tweeted an update. “Didn’t realize reports said he’s 71 years old.”

Reality Steve’s tweet included the latest promotional image from ABC, which showed the “Golden Bachelor” lead from the back. His head was turned just enough to give eager fans a glimpse of his profile and the image teased he would be revealed on July 17.

Gerry Turner Will Look for Love Again on the Spinoff

In subsequent tweets, Reality Steve revealed that the “Golden Bachelor” lead is named Gerry Turner, and he is a widow from Indiana. Turner will turn 72 in August, the spoiler king added, and apparently, his wife Toni died about six years ago. The couple had two daughters, and according to his wife’s 2017 obituary, he had two grandchildren at the time.

Turner’s LinkedIn profile details he spent nearly 15 years early in his career as a franchise owner of Mr. Quick restaurants. In 1985 he became a produce salesman for Ken Moore Foods, and several years after that, “The Golden Bachelor” star moved to the meat company John Morrell & Co. After some time there, Turner subsequently spent more than a decade with Thoms-Proestler, another food-oriented company, and later had several fairly short stints at a handful of other companies. In July 2004, Turner joined foodservice distributor Rock River Provision as the director of sales and marketing, and it appears he has been there ever since.

Bachelor Nation fans have been buzzing over these latest revelations from Reality Steve.

“I actually love this – hopefully we’ll see a real love story without the distractions of influencing or superficial things,” suggested one person on “The Bachelor” subreddit.

“Tentatively excited about this… but really worried about watching so many grandmas get heartbroken,” added another Redditor.

“My seatbelt is buckled. I’m ready,” joked someone else.

“This is the most I’ve been excited for a season in over 10 years,” commented a different fan.

According to Variety, “The Golden Bachelor” will air on Monday nights as part of ABC’s fall lineup, snagging the time slot after “Dancing with the Stars.”

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