Why Aren’t ‘The Golden Bachelor’ & BiP on Tonight?

Golden Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise

Heavy/ABC "The Golden Bachelor" and "Bachelor in Paradise" won't air on Thanksgiving.

Fans of both “The Golden Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise” are heavily invested in the relationships forming among the remaining contestants. Both shows are getting quite close to their finale dates, but eager viewers will find themselves having to wait another week before getting their next new episodes.

Here’s what you need to know:

‘The Golden Bachelor’ Finale Is Coming Soon

According to a November 1 post on “The Golden Bachelor” Instagram page, no new episode airs on November 23, due to the Thanksgiving holiday. “Relax, Refresh, Rewatch,” the post teases. Then, on November 30, viewers get to see the finale for Turner’s season.

Up until the finale, all of the episodes of “The Golden Bachelor” have been just an hour long. Luckily, on November 30, viewers will get a full two hours of content.

In Reality Steve’s November 21 “Daily Roundup” podcast, some additional details about the upcoming finale emerged. As is typically the case with “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” finales in recent seasons, there will be live portions woven into the finale along with pre-taped segments.

It used to be that the pre-taped finale would air through the final rose ceremony, and then, separately, the lead and final two would share updates live. Now, ABC usually combines the pre-taped and live portions.

That means that during “The Golden Bachelor” finale, viewers will likely see Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima meet Turner’s daughters and have their final dates. The action will probably shift to a live segment after one of the women is eliminated.

Turner and the eliminated lady will see one another again for the first time and talk about everything that happened. Viewers can likely expect this to be quite emotional for everybody involved.

Then, the pre-taped action will continue so viewers can see how Turner’s journey to find love again ends. After that, Turner and his final rose recipient will get a chance, live, to share updates about where things stand between them now.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Isn’t Over Quite Yet

The remaining episodes for season 9 of “Bachelor in Paradise” will play out slightly differently. A post on the show’s Instagram page on November 3 laid it all out. As is the case with “The Golden Bachelor,” no new episode of “Bachelor in Paradise” will air on November 23, due to Thanksgiving.

There will be an episode on November 30, which will air after “The Golden Bachelor” finale. While “Bachelor in Paradise” episodes have been two hours long throughout season 9, this particular one will be just an hour long.

Then, on December 7, the “Bachelor in Paradise” finale will air. Viewers will get to see a full three hours of chaos on the beach as season 9 wraps up. There is a lot of ground to cover before the last moments of the season air. Fans surely will be eager for updates on where the couples stand now.

After the “Bachelor in Paradise” finale on December 7, fans will have a bit of a break before a new season of “The Bachelor” kicks in. In the past, the new season usually debuted on the first Monday in January. Joey Graziadei’s journey, however, doesn’t start airing until January 22, according to a post on the show’s Instagram page.