‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Has ‘Baby Fever,’ Talks Timing of Kids After Wedding

Bachelor in Paradise Baby

Heavy Hannah Godwin has baby fever.

A fan-favorite couple from “Bachelor in Paradise” finally got married in 2023 after a lengthy engagement, and now they are facing questions about when they might have kids. Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour wed in a fairy-tale event held in Paris, France, shared People.

At a recent event, Godwin and Barbour opened up about how things have been going since then. There is some “baby fever” developing, but they admitted they aren’t headed down that road quite yet.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hannah Godwin Isn’t Ready for Kids Yet

Us Weekly recently caught up with Godwin and Barbour and shared the scoop on February 14.  The newlyweds noted that they are loving married life, and Barbour teased that his wife has “a lot of baby fever and dog fever.”

Godwin admitted, “I need something, because I’m treating him almost like my dog or my child sometimes.” The “Bachelor in Paradise” star joked she needs “a cat, dog or fish.”

While she may have baby fever, according to Barbour, Godwin clarified she is not quite ready to pursue having children.

“I mean, we think about it and we talk about it a lot but I think we’re taking a minute, enjoying marriage.” She added, “Since our relationship was relatively quick and stuff like that, we’re still pretty young, we’re taking it easy.”

The couple is not only relishing their new marriage, but they are working hard professionally right now, too. Barbour admitted they are “so focused on [their] careers.”

Godwin acknowledged, “I think we need a few more years to commit to [our] career[s] and then it’s time” for kids.

Barbour & Godwin Are Still Enjoying Their ‘Honeymoon Phase’

Barbour and Godwin first met while filming season 6 of “Bachelor in Paradise.” They got engaged during the season finale, which aired in September 2019, and they’ve been together ever since.

The couple was in no rush to wed, but they knew their relationship was meant to be from the early days. Barbour shared, “We were just very similar…I feel like instantly, we could laugh, make stupid jokes. We say we can just be idiots” with one another.

Godwin added that her closest friends immediately loved him, and everything felt “very natural” between them from the start.

Even though she travels quite a bit, Godwin admitted, I just don’t want to spend time away from him.” She figures, “That’s gotta be a good sign.”

Now, six months or so after their wedding, Godwin feels like they are still in their “honeymoon phase.” She also teased that her husband has become “maybe almost too comfortable” with her now that they’re married.

“He will let one rip cause he knows I’m stuck with him now and that has been new,” Godwin quipped.

The “Bachelor in Paradise” stars attended the People’s Choice Awards and their red carpet look had fans gushing over them. Godwin shared a moment from the event on her Instagram page and the comments section was flooded with love.

“This dress is serving. She is still in her bridal era,” one follower declared.

“The way Dylan looks at you 🥹,” another raved.

“Look at Dylan’s looking at her, how proud of his wife he is. 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️,” someone else noted.