Jesse Palmer Details Moment He Saved a Colleague

Jesse Palmer

Heavy/ABC "The Bachelor" host Jesse Palmer saved a colleague's life.

Fans of The Bachelor” franchise may think they know quite a bit about host Jesse Palmer’s background. He was a professional football player and once was a lead who had the opportunity to hand out roses himself. He has worked as a host and commentator for many years now, and he recently revisited a story that likely comes as a surprise to Bachelor Nation.

Palmer’s first experience in Bachelor Nation came in 2004 when he was the lead for season 5 of “The Bachelor.” These days, the franchise always picks leads who were a contestant during a prior season. However, that wasn’t always the case then.

People noted that Palmer played for both the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants during his pro NFL days. His professional tenure as an NFL player lasted five seasons, and he also played football in Canada for one season.

The former pro football player did not find lasting love on “The Bachelor,” nor did he have a long career as a player. As ESPN Press Room details, however, he joined ESPN as an analyst in 2007, and he has worked as an analyst and commentator ever since. It was while doing that job that he had an opportunity to save a colleague’s life.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jesse Palmer Stepped in When a Colleague Had a ‘Look of Panic’

On October 7, Us Weekly revisited the incident. Palmer was working with the outlet to provide answers for their regular “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” article when “The Bachelor” host recalled what happened.

“I once saved my colleague’s life using the Heimlich maneuver during the broadcast of a football game,” Palmer detailed.

The experience did generate some headlines at the time. ESPN Front Row detailed that Palmer and Chris Fowler were working together during the Pinstripe Bowl on December 28, 2013.

During halftime of the game, which ESPN reported pitted Notre Dame against Rutgers, Palmer found himself needing to step up to help his colleague.

“It happened in the green room/viewing room behind ESPN’s outdoor set during halftime,” Palmer explained. “Ed Placey was standing with us at a high table while we were eating. The rest of the crew was in the room as well,” he continued.

As the men were eating, Palmer noted, “I was watching Chris chew his food, and his eyes began to get big. He tried to swallow some water to clear his throat, then he had a look of panic on his face.”

Palmer stepped in to perform the Heimlich maneuver, which he had never done before. Luckily, it worked. Placey said, “I was standing right there. Jesse, with cat-quick reflexes, reacted immediately.”

Fowler Avoided ‘Death by Dry Chicken Sandwich’ Thanks to Palmer

After the game, Fowler confirmed the incident via X, formerly Twitter. “Never before needed a Heimlich at halftime. (Or any time!) Thanks Jesse Palmer!” Fowler quipped, “He saved me from death by dry chicken sandwich. Really.”

One fan asked if there was any video showing the moment showing “The Bachelor” host making his heroic move. Fowler replied, “I don’t think even the Deadspin moles can find video of this. Thank God. Would’ve been disgusting!”

Both Palmer and Fowler carried on without missing a beat though. Another fan of Fowler’s tweeted, “Good thing it was at halftime u would have never known by the way u sounded to start 3rd quarter.”

Fowler also tweeted, “Not bad to have quick thinking, ex-NFL player around when Heimlich needed. I’ll take bruised ribs to avoid choking!”