Joey Graziadei Shares How Taylor Swift Helped Him During Filming

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei

Heavy/ABC Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei shared special moments from filming "The Bachelor."

“The Bachelor” lovebirds Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson are sharing lots of fun tidbits about their relationship now that the finale has aired.

In a recent podcast appearance, Graziadei revealed the sweet thing he did while filming when he missed Anderson.

Here’s what you need to know:

Joey Graziadei Asked Producers to Play Taylor Swift’s Song ‘Dress’

During the March 27 episode of the “Chicks in the Office” podcast, Graziadei opened up about one thing he did when he was missing Anderson during filming.

“She, when we were in Malta, said that there was a song when she was on the plane that always made her think of me, and it was ‘Dress’ by Taylor Swift,” Graziadei explained.

He continued, “So then I listened to that song, so whenever I had a moment of ‘I miss Kelsey,’ I would just get one of the producers, like, ‘Play ‘Dress’ right now.'”

Anderson noted a lyric in “Dress” about being in a crowded room but feeling like it was just two people there. “That’s why it really made me think of him,” she shared.

She recalled she was on the airplane on the way to Malta while filming “The Bachelor” and that song was available on the plane. “I was just listening to that song over and over again.”

‘The Bachelor’ Fans Adore Graziadei & Anderson’s Stories & Dynamic

The story had “The Bachelor” fans swooning.

One fan commented about the Taylor Swift nod in “The Bachelor” subreddit. “This couple is my Taylor/Travis- if they break up, my world will shatter 😂. I wish them all the luck, happiness, and curly hair in the future!”

“I’m throwing UP they are so cute,” quipped another Redditor.

“Ah, I haven’t been this excited for a [Bachelor Nation] couple in a while,” someone else admitted.

“This is the mushy lovey dovey kind of relationship I wanna watch unfold,” a different Redditor shared. They continued, “These two are why I watch this dumpster fire of a show lol if they break up we ride at dawn.”

“I’ve never seen a couple from this franchise this perfect for each other,” read a comment on the podcast’s Instagram page.

‘The Bachelor’ Also Leaned on Taylor Swift in His 1st Post-Finale Instagram Post

When Graziadei shared his first Instagram post that included Anderson after “The Bachelor” finale, he included a nod to Swift. He initially used Swift’s song “Lovers” to accompany the montage of images he posted.

Graziadei may not have managed to include “Dress” in that post, but the choice to use Swift’s song “Lovers” was a big hit with “The Bachelor” fans.

Former “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise” contestant Tyler Norris wrote, “Song choice…..perfection 🤌🏼 congrats you guys!”

One follower wrote, “As if Joey couldn’t even be more of a green flag he chooses a Taylor Swift song!”

“I knew you were the best bachelor ever but then you go and put LOVER as the song for this post,” another gushed.

Even Us Weekly noted, “Excellent song choice” in a comment on the post.

“Of course he uses lover by taylor swift as the song for this post,” another fan exclaimed.