Major Celebrity Teases Interest in Joining ‘Golden Bachelor’

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ABC has finally confirmed they are going ahead with a long-awaited “Bachelor” spinoff show featuring a more mature lead and cast than ever before. “The Golden Bachelor” is set to debut in the fall, and one huge celebrity admitted she might be interested in vying for the roses ahead. However, she has one significant demand that would need to be met first.

Here’s what you need to know:

Martha Stewart Suggested She Was Open to the Possibility

Stewart, 81, graces the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and she is generating a lot of buzz with it. She spoke to Variety about the cover release and the topic of “The Golden Bachelor” arose. The idea of Stewart being one of the bachelorettes competing for an older suitor would surely generate huge interest and ratings, and she suggested she would consider it. Ultimately, however, it sounds like Stewart would be tough to convince in the grand scheme of things.

The iconic entertainer admitted she has tried dating sites, but noted, “The algorithm doesn’t fit me very well. Or I don’t fit it. Put it that way — I don’t fit it very well. I tried. It’s ridiculous.” Stewart was then asked if perhaps she would do “The Golden Bachelor,” and she answered, “If I get to see the men first.” However, she then added, “I’m very busy… I don’t think I would do a reality dating show.”

Stewart Prioritizes Work Over Dating

In March, Stewart admitted to E! Insider that “work has taken precedence over the romance” aspect of her life. She acknowledged she has “a hard time making room for both and it’s not the highest priority that I have a boyfriend right now.” Despite that, she admitted, “it would be nice” to have a good, fun friend to do things with now and then. Now that her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover is out, she admitted to ET Online she had “gotten a few inquiries” from potential romantic partners, but she declined to share anything more specific. She again noted she is “still working really hard,” and she prioritizes her garden and her two grandchildren over many other things in her personal life.

Even though Stewart was fairly dismissive of doing “The Golden Bachelor,” franchise fans seemed all for it. A discussion of the possibility in “The Bachelor” subreddit generated a significant reaction, with a thread receiving dozens of comments and over 900 “likes.”

“Omg I’d LOVE to watch Martha pull a Clare,” one Redditor suggested, referring to former “Bachelorette” Clare Crawley checking out all of her suitors during the coronavirus delay to filming her season.

“I’d watch Martha pull a fantasy suite with all three men situation. Then decline the proposals and just choose to date her [final one] lol,” added another.

“PLEASE. It would be iconic,” someone else declared in response to the possibility.

“The only thing that would get me to watch a senior spin-off. Immediate viewing for the Snoop cameo,” suggested a different Redditor, referring to Stewart’s long-time BFF Snoop Dogg.

Several posters suggested having rapper Snoop Dogg host a “Bachelor”-related season starring Stewart, and a few admitted casting Stewart would be the catalyst to bring them back to the franchise.

“I love Martha she’s like thirsty in the way I wish I could be,” declared another “Bachelor” fan. Given the reaction fans online had to the idea, it seems ABC might want to take notice and do what they can to make it happen.