The Surprising Person That Matt James Is Still Following on Instagram

Matt James

ABC/Billy Kidd Matt James is the Bachelor for season 25.

Matt James has reinstated his Instagram account after he wiped it clean following the finale of The Bachelor. The reality star appears to be back in full swing on the social media platform, although he has made some noticeable changes.

As previously reported by Heavy, Matt decided to take himself off of Instagram, appearing to have deleted all 190 of his photos and videos. A look at his account on March 19 showed “no posts yet,” which many fans feel was a result of the negativity and harassing he had been receiving after his sit-down with Rachael Kirkconnell on After the Final Rose.

Matt has since returned to Instagram, although things look a little bit different. He has deleted every photo and video that he had previously posted from his time on The Bachelor. His account makes no mention of his reality television dating experience on the surface, which seems to be intentional.

However, Matt is still following quite a few people associated with the franchise, including his best friend Tyler Cameron (from Hannah Brown’s season), and the show’s longtime host, Chris Harrison.

Here’s what you need to know:

Matt Still Follows Chris & Also Chris’ Girlfriend Lauren Zima on Instagram

A quick look though the 300+ people that Matt is following on Instagram and you will see that he does indeed still follow the show’s host, Chris Harrison. For those wondering, Chris also still follows Matt. Chris has not returned to Instagram since posting about his decision to step away from the franchise in light of the racially insensitive comments that he made during an interview with Rachel Lindsay back in February.

Matt’s “following” list also includes Chris’ girlfriend, Entertainment Tonight correspondent, Lauren Zima.

Other Bachelor Nation people on that list include Mike Johnson, Tayshia Adams, Sean Lowe, Hannah Brown, Rachel Lindsay, and Tyler Cameron, to name a few. Matt also follows Emmanuel Acho, the man chosen to sit in for Chris for the After the Final Rose taping.

Matt does not follow many if any women from his season of The Bachelor. He does not appear to be following his ex-girlfriend Rachael, nor does he appear to be following Serena Pitt, Pieper James, Michelle Young, Sarah Trott, or Bri Springs.

Matt Has Not Spoken out About ‘The Bachelor’ Since His Show-Related Obligations Wrapped

Matt James standing outside.

ABCMatt James.

Matt seems to want to put his time on The Bachelor behind him and move on with his life. In fact, he hasn’t spoken out about the show or the various controversies surrounding people associated with the show/his season since his show-related obligations (interview with Good Morning America, for example) wrapped.

Since his return to Instagram, he’s been posting about NFTs, which stands for “non-fungible tokens.” In case you are wondering what that’s all about, Matt is talking about his experience with cryptocurrency.

“‘Non-fungible’ more or less means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else. For example, a bitcoin is fungible — trade one for another bitcoin, and you’ll have exactly the same thing,” The Verge reports.

It’s unclear what Matt has to say about NFTs — which has been understood as digital art — but he recently tweeted the following.

He hasn’t tweeted anything since.

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