Photos of Rachel Recchia on 1-on-1 Date With Frontrunner Leaked [Spoilers]

Rachel Recchia.

ABC Rachel Recchia spotted on a one-on-one date in Belgium.

The double lead season of “The Bachelorette” has been filming for a few weeks now, and both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia have formed relationships with a couple of different men.

Gabby and Rachel left the Bachelor Mansion after getting to know the guys briefly, and flew to Europe with their suitors. From there, they all boarded a Virgin Voyage cruise which took them to different cities around Europe, according to Reality Steve.

Warning: “Bachelorette” spoilers ahead.

Fans have been eager for spoilers, but haven’t received many save for internet folks figuring out who may have been eliminated based on social media activity. All of the guys are forced to have private Instagram accounts and don’t have their phones while on the show. So, any changes to accounts signifies that a guy has been sent home.

However, a fairly big spoiler was posted on social media after a fan sent in a photo of Rachel on a date in Belgium. The photo was posted by Game of Roses.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rachel Had a 1-on-1 Date With Aven Jones

According to Reality Steve, the dates in Belgium took place week five. The week after took place in Amsterdam and then the girls were slated to film Hometowns.

It’s safe to say that anyone getting a one-on-one date in Europe, especially close to Hometowns, has a fairly good connection with the lead. Based on the photos shared by Game of Roses, Rachel looks very happy with Aven, a 29-year-old from San Diego.

In the photo, Aven and Rachel appear to be dancing in the center of a square. Rachel was wearing a pair of black pants, boots, and a long camel-colored coat, while Aven wore khaki-colored slacks and a black button up jacket. He had his hands around Rachel’s waist and was smiling in the photo.

Based on the photo, it looks like production may have cleared the area for the show. There are people around Rachel and Aven, but they are all standing off to the side.

Fans Think Aven Could Be Rachel’s Final Pick

After the photo of Rachel and Aven in Belgium surfaced, another photo from their date popped up online, and was shared on Reddit. The photo was leaked by a limo driver, who posted it on his Instagram Stories, according to the original poster.

“I was doing some deeeeeep sleuthing on Instagram and I found the limo driver they were using yesterday and he posted this on his story,” the OP commented on the thread, later adding that the geotag where the ship is docked helped with this process.

This photo showed Rachel and Aven sitting in a a horse-drawn carriage, both smiling. Fans took to the Reddit thread to respond to the spoiler photos, and many seem to think that Aven and Rachel could end up together.

“Cute!! hopefully he is f1,” one Redditor commented.

“Rachel looks beautiful and more importantly, she looks happy. I love their body language. Her hands on his arm, and it looks like his right hand is on her thigh or something,” added another.

“They seem very comfortable with each other, and lots of smiles. I’m trying to not ship bc this is the only guy we have a picture of on a date, but it’s hard,” a third person wrote.

“They’re so cute together. Idk if it’s just because we have no other pics of Rachel with the men, but I want him to be her F1,” a fourth comment read.

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