Sean Lowe’s Son Badly Injured in Scary Accident

Sean Lowe.

Heavy/Getty Sean Lowe's son has been injured.

Former “Bachelor” star Sean Lowe has shared some sad news on his Instagram Stories. On March 29, 2023, Lowe posted a series of serious videos on his account, letting fans know about an incident that happened at his home that involved his son, Samuel, and the Lowe’s family dog, Gus.

“Hey, everybody,” Lowe began his video. “I’m going to try something new today, I’m going to be serious, for once. And, unfortunately, it’s not the best news, in fact, it’s really hard for me, but, I knew I would get questions about it so I just figured I’d come on here and address it,” he continued.

“Friday, we’re hanging out with the family. Catherine’s folks are in town and Gus is just kinda hanging out by his crate. I would leave the crate door open and he could walk in and out as he pleases. Just doing his normal thing. But, he had pulled the little bed cushion in his crate, pulled it out of the crate. He was kinda chewing on it. I didn’t really give it any thought. And, I think Samuel bent down to either pet him or kiss him, and, in a split second, Gus bit Samuel. Really hard. On the side of the head. And underneath the eye,” he explained.

Samuel, 6, was taken to the ER where a doctor stapled his wound. Lowe and his wife Catherine Giudici are also parents to a son named Isaiah and a daughter named Mia.

Here’s what you need to know:

Sean Lowe Says Gus Has Shown Signs of ‘Resource Guarding’

Lowe assured his fans that Samuel is doing okay and that the staples in his head aren’t causing him any sort of discomfort. However, the Lowe family has decided to rehome Gus after the incident.

“To make a very long story short, it was bad enough to where we had to take Samuel to the ER. Samuel had a big gash on the side of his head. And [they] had to staple it shut,” Lowe said on his Instagram Stories.

“So, full transparency, Gus is an amazing dog. I love that dumb dog so much. He was such an amazing dog. But there had been a couple of instances in the past, nothing like what happened on Friday, but where he showed some resource guarding,” the former reality star explained.

“The weird thing is, he would never growl at the kids. And it was only around the kids that he would do this. He would never growl, but there were a couple of instances where he kind of snapped at Mia. And one time broke the skin a little bit. The next time, he didn’t break the skin at all. And, I just thought, ‘ya know, it’s a dog. Through adolescence, I’m gonna keep an eye on him. I’m not going to allow him to be alone with the kids. I’m not going to allow him to chew bones around the kids,'” Lowe said of his method of thinking.

Gus joined the Lowe family in April 2022. They got the Bull Mastiff as a puppy and introduced him to the internet with a family photo.

“Well, Mia had a nice 2 year run, but that run is now over. Please say hello to my new favorite child, Gus,” Lowe captioned the post.

The Lowe Family Has Decided to Rehome Gus for Safety Reasons

When Gus was a pup, the Lowes sent him to a sort of boarding school where he received training. However, Lowe says that Gus was expressing some resource guarding behaviors despite competing the program.

Ultimately, however, things aren’t going to work out with Gus and the Lowe family.

“To make a very long story short, I gotta give away my dog, which sucks. Because I love him so much,” Lowe said, adding that Gus is going to be adopted by the dog trainer who worked with him when he was a puppy.

“I lost my buddy and it’s really sad because he doesn’t even know why,” Lowe said. “Samuel is doing great. He also misses his dog,” he added. Fortunately, the family will be able to visit with Gus.

Lowe bid farewell to his dog, Ellie, in February 2021. He had the dog long before he met his wife.

“Saying goodbye to a dog is just the worst. Especially when she’s the best dog in the world. Before Catherine, before my kids, before all the Bachelor stuff, there was Ellie. My kids will never measure up to her greatness and I will let them know that daily. Now please enjoy this depressing carousel of pictures,” Lowe captioned an Instagram post at the time.

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