Spencer Robertson Is the New ‘Bachelorette’ Villain

Tayshia Adams

ABC Tayshia Adams started her journey on The Bachelorette in episode five.

The Bachelorette threw a curveball during Tayshia Adams’ debut episode by adding four extra men to the mix. One of those new contestants, Spencer Robertson, wasted absolutely no time establishing himself as the new villain of the season.

Robertson, 30, was the first of the four men to step out of a limousine and introduce themselves. After making a positive impression on Adams, he stepped inside with a group of men who weren’t too happy about the idea of four new competitors. He didn’t make things better by asking the group, “Which one of you guys scared away Clare?”

And he didn’t stop there. Robertson then jumped at the opportunity to be the first to pull Adams aside for a one-on-one chat. When he got the first impression rose from Adams, it made him the clear least favorite of the other men in the house.

Frustrations Boiled Over in a Group Date

Chris Harrison and Tayshia Adams

ABCTayshia Adams hosts a game of splashball during a group date on The Bachelorette.

Robertson’s episode of drama wasn’t over after receiving the first impression rose, though. He wound up bleeding during the first group date of Tayshia’s portion of the season.

In a game of splashball (essentially basketball in a pool), Robertson busted his lip when he and fellow contestant Riley Christian were fighting for a rebound. While fighting for the ball (something that Robertson might’ve been doing a bit too aggressively) Christian’s forearm collided with Robertson’s face.

If that sounds like a rough day for Robertson, it didn’t work out too poorly for the newcomer. His bleeding lip garnered a lot of concern and attention from Tayshia.

Another contestant, Kenny Braasch, joked that Robertson deserved a shot in the mouth due to the wait he’d been acting since arriving on the film set.

The scuffle between Robertson and Christian didn’t really stop there, though. During the after party portion of the date, Braasch and Christian both confronted Robertson for his actions and attitude. But he shrugged it off and wound up getting a kiss from Adams before the night ended.

There’s Plenty of Time For a New Villain to Emerge

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Shortly after the first cocktail party of episode five, The Bachelorette did its trademark preview of all the upcoming drama in the remainder of the season. That trailer showed very little shots of Robertson and strongly hinted that another newbie, Noah Erb, was going to be the show’s villain.

Perhaps that means Robertson won’t be around for long and Erb’s the real villain of the season. But promos for The Bachelorette should always be taken in with a gigantic grain of salt. The show loves to deceive and misdirect its fans into expecting one thing so they can smack them in the face with something completely different.

For now, Robertson is positioning himself as the contestant that viewers love to hate.

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