Tenley Molzhan Asks for Prayers Following Scary Accident

Tenley Molzahn Prayers

Heavy/Getty Tenley Molzahn asks for prayers after her daughter's injury.

Former “Bachelor in Paradise” Tenley Molzahn is reaching out to fans and asking for prayers after a frightening family incident.

Molzahn recently revealed she is expecting her second child with her husband, Taylor Leopold. The couple already has a daughter named Rell. It turns out, Rell had an accident that deeply rattled her parents.

Here’s what you need to know:

Tenley Molzahn’s Daughter Rell Broke Her Clavicle

On November 19, the former “Bachelor in Paradise” star took to her Instagram Stories to ask for prayers. She showed a photo of Leopold holding Rell in his arms, and they were clearly at a hospital.

“Welp. We had an unexpected trip to the ER today. Our sweet girl fell off a swing & we’re coming home with a broken clavicle,” Molzahn explained.

“She was so brave, Taylor & I are still trying to pull ourselves together–it just really sucks seeing your baby in pain, doesn’t it? Ugh,” she added.

The former “Bachelor” star noted that, “Overall our girl is safe, & I’m praising God for that. We would absolutely love your prayers for her pain, & for healing over her tiny bone.”

Molzahn also shared that Rell would need about six weeks to recover, and there wasn’t much they could do in the meantime.

The Bachelor Nation alum shared quite a bit about the incident in an Instagram post on her page as well. She explained this was Rell’s “first big ouchy, & first one for mom & dad too.”

Molzahn and her family are currently staying on an island in Hawaii with her in-laws. They drove Rell to an island hospital, and “As our girl would scream in pain, Taylor & I continued to teeter totter back & forth with our own tears and fears.”

The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Alum’s Daughter Is Recovering Well

Another photo in Molzahn’s Instagram Stories showed a smiling Rell, who had one arm in a sling. Molzahn wrote, “Good morning!! You don’t know how happy this smile makes me & how much comfort it brings. It’s been rough.”

The “Bachelor in Paradise” alum also shared a bit about how difficult things had been. “Our girl is so fierce & strong willed she has been very set in not moving one bit. Not sitting, not standing, REALLY against the sling–she just wants to lay.”

Molzahn noted she thought this approach by Rell was driven by fear on the little girl’s part. “We didn’t sleep much last night, but mostly because it was her first time ever not sleeping in her own bed, & it was way too cool sleeping next to mom,” she quipped.

Luckily, Rell’s pain seemed under control, and Molzahn thanked everybody for their prayers. The next update in her Instagram Stories showed Rell sleeping in her own bed. “Sweet thing was so tired,” Molzahn admitted.

The pregnant mom also admitted the day had been very emotional for her, likely because she had worked hard to keep it all together the day Rell was initially injured. “I’m currently just so emotional & just want to cry and cry,” she revealed.

She also said she was going to give herself some grace. A subsequent update showed Molzahn and Rell taking it easy, with the little girl watching a show on an electronic device. Molzahn told fans Rell had a good night of sleep the prior night, but was struggling to get going with her day.

Molzahn Got Reassurances From Rell’s Regular Pediatrician

Molzahn thanked everybody again for their prayers and admitted she was “still feeling an emotional overload & just feel anxious and exhausted after Rell’s accident.” She also told fans they had connected with Rell’s regular pediatrician back home.

The doctor “encouraged us that even though it’s rough, it’s a common break, 3 year olds are resilient & we’ll see her running around like normal in nor time. But we just need to be cautious & avoid things that could cause her to fall again.”

The “Bachelor in Paradise” veteran received a lot of love from friends and fans on her Instagram post. Quite a few shared stories of their own children experiencing similar injuries, and others sent Molzahn their prayers.

One supporter commented, “Prayers for your sweet girl! Watching them in pain is tough, but they are resilient! ❤️”

Another wrote, “Aww the first broken bone is the hardest, and I think harder on the parents. She will bounce back in no time. Big hugs!”