Gerry Turner Put on the Spot About a Wedding Invite for Leslie Fhima

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ABC Leslie Fhima of "The Golden Bachelor."

Theresa Nist revealed that she is open to inviting “Golden Bachelor” competitor Leslie Fhima to her wedding with Gerry Turner, and Turner was asked whether he would also feel comfortable with it.

Turner revealed that he would be comfortable with it, but that it was more of a question of whether Fhima would want to go.

It’s not clear whether Fhima would accept such an invitation.

Nist and Turner have been on a whirlwind of interviews gushing about their relationship since Turner chose Nist for the final rose and asked her to be his wife. The couple will marry live on television on January 4, 2024. “Overcome with happiness! We are having so much fun!” Nist wrote on Instagram.

Here’s what you need to know:

Theresa Nist Told Podcasters, ‘I Would Invite Leslie’ & Gerry Turner Explained That He Would ‘Be Comfortable’ With Leslie Fhima Being There

Leslie Fhima.

ABCLeslie Fhima shares what Gerry Turner told her behind closed doors.

Nist and Turner made the comments about Fhima to Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast.

“I think that would be more up to Leslie,” Turner said, when asked whether he felt comfortable with her being at the golden wedding. “I would be comfortable because I had such deep feelings for her and a lot of respect and if she was comfortable being there, I certainly would be comfortable having her here,” said Turner.

According to Nist, she would invite every other woman who competed on the “Golden Bachelor.”

“Probably every single one of them,” Nist said when asked which other contestants would go to the wedding.

“I would invite Leslie,” Nist said on the podcast. “I don’t know if she would come.” Nist named Faith Martin first when asked to list who she would invite.

Nist listed a series of other women she would want to invite, including Edith Aguirre, Pamela Burns, Peggy Dercole, Ellen Goltzer, Renee Halverson-Wright, Faith Martin, Sandra Mason, and Sylvia Robledo. Turner added that Anna Zalk should be invited too, and Nist added that she would also invite Marina.

On the podcast, Nist said that she was “so attracted to” Turner from the moment she got out of the limo. She said she came into the show “open to the experience.” She said she kissed Turner on the first night because “time is fleeting.”

Theresa Nist Revealed That Her Closest Friends in the House Were Leslie Fhima & Faith Martin

Theresa Nist


According to what Nist told the podcasters, she was close to Fhima during the filming of the show.

“I cooked her dinner, she taught me exercise routines,” Nist said on the podcast. “We sat and talked a lot. We, all the time, cried together. So this isn’t fun to have that happen to any other human being. I didn’t like that. And along those same lines, I was really good friends with Faith, so I would say the people I was the closest within the house were Faith and Leslie. How does that happen?”

Turner said some of the other women have big personalities “that you love to be around. They’re entertaining.” He said he would be fine with Nist having some of the women over for drinks to their new home.

“I keep in touch with many of them by phone. We’re talking a lot,” Nist said of some of the other contestants, without naming names.

Turner said he couldn’t wait to have a nice dinner out with Nist, and she said she couldn’t wait to just go on a walk with him.

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