Leslie Fhima’s Son Likes Comment About Theresa Nist on Instagram

leslie fhima

ABC Leslie Fhima with Gerry Turner

Elijah Fhima, Leslie Fhima‘s son, liked a comment on his mother’s Instagram page that drags finalist Theresa Nist‘s connection with “Golden BachelorGerry Turner.

Elijah Fhima’s action came in mid-November after it emerged that Nist had liked a host of Instagram comments that made negative statements about Leslie Fhima and other “Golden Bachelor” contestants, calling them “boring,” self-promoters and even making a reference to a “sad fossil.”

In addition, Leslie Fhima liked a comment saying there would be something wrong with Turner if he didn’t pick her.

Fhima and Nist are the final two competitors on the popular program. Turner announces his choice in a final rose ceremony on November 30, 2023. The blogger Reality Steve has published a spoiler about the show’s outcome, but this article will not give that away.

Here’s what you need to know:

Elijah Fhima Liked a Comment That Claimed Leslie Fhima Fills Gerry Turner’s Soul ‘in a Way Theresa Can’t’

leslie fhima

Instagram (Leslie Fhima)Elijah Fhima’s Instagram response.

Elijah Fhima, one of Leslie’s three kids, liked a comment by @lori_applebaum on Leslie Fhima’s Instagram page that read, “Leslie my beauty … No matter who he chooses, YOU completely fill his soul, in a way Teresa can’t … Guaranteed you are in his heart 💯 ❤️”

leslie fhima

Instagram (Leslie Fhima)

Elijah also wrote, “Proud of you mom ❤️.”

The comment and like came on an Instagram post Fhima made showing her with Turner on November 16, 2023.

Leslie Fhima liked a comment that read, “If he doesn’t pick you there’s definitely something wrong with him … truly.” It was made on a November 6 post on her Instagram page that showed her alone.

She also liked a post by @dotmariemc, who wrote, “I want Gerry to pick you or Faith. Adore both of you and that third person…Nada!” referring to Nist.

leslie fhima

Instagram (Leslie Fhima)Leslie Fhima Instagram like.

Both Fhima and Nist have posted photos from the “Golden Bachelor” on their Instagram pages.

Elijah Fhima Has Given His Mom Positive Shout-Outs on Instagram

leslie fhima dating

ABCLeslie Fhima.

Elijah Fhima has been giving his mom boosts on Instagram, showing his support in a variety of ways. In a post from October 24, 2023, showing Leslie Fhima with Turner, Elijah wrote, “Was so fun watching you be happy #teamleslie ❤️.”

On another post showing Fhima with Turner on October 23, he wrote, “Cute! Love you’re smile momma.”

Elijah Fhima is listed as “Maitre ‘d / Director of Operations” on the website of Fhima Minneapolis, his family’s restaurant. Leslie Fhima’s ex husband and Elijah’s father, David Fhima, is listed as “visionary/chef” of the operation.

Leslie Fhima has been married and divorced twice and has three children. She also famously revealed on the “Golden Bachelor” show that she had once dated the musician Prince.

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Fhima “split from her ex, restaurateur David Fhima, in the ’90s.”

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