‘Yeah.’ Someone Calculated How Often Bachelorette, Gabby Windey, Says ‘Yeah.’

Gabby Windey

ABC Gabby Windey.

There has been a lot of talk this season in Bachelor Nation about how frequently Bachelorette, Gabby Windey, says ‘yeah’ and “mm-hmm,” while perpetually nodding her head. Until now, all fans knew was that it was a lot. But thanks to the always-informative Bachelor Data Analyst, we not only have actual statistics, we also have graphs comparing the usage of these words on previous seasons.

Fans might wonder how or why someone would go through the trouble to make these calculations. Well, basically, that is what the Bachelor Data Analyst does. The analyst posts new charts and graphs weekly about things like how much screen time the leads and contestant get, how many Instagram followers they have, and which seasons have the most self-eliminations.

On September 7, the site posted its “’Yeah” Analysis.’ The host explained, “Okay, so Gabby’s been saying ‘yeah’ a lot this season. And although no one has the time to count the thousands of uses, I did the next best thing. I exported the closed captioning for each episode, used excel to count the number of times ‘yeah’ or ‘mm-hmm’ has been said and then I compared it to all the previous seasons.”

And the Total Number Is…

According to the Analyst’s calculations, the number of times “yeah” and “mm-hmm” have been said this season (up through the fantasy suite episodes) is a whopping 1,372 times. The analyst also broke it down by episode, and put the data on a graph, showing the number has actually been decreasing as the season has gone on.

The analyst reminded viewers that this is the total number of times these two words were said, not just by Windey. However, she clarifies “there has definitely been an uptick this season and I’m confident in saying it’s likely because of Gabby.”

Fans found the statistics amusing. One viewer commented, “this data is insane.”  Someone else posted, “Doing the Lord’s work over there 👏🏻📈🌹#yeah.”

Another fan wondered if there may be a miscalculation, writing, “I watch with closed captioning usually and I’ve noticed many times the ‘yeah’ isn’t captured! An underestimate?!”

One Instagram user expressed, “I was hoping you’d count the Yeah’s!! 😂 it was almost unbearable.”

“We just finished watching yesterday and my friend drank every time Gabby said yeah and she got shmammered lol 😆,” another user posted.

Windey is Self-Aware

While the “yeahs” and the constant head nodding have been getting under viewers’ skin, Windey is able to take the criticism lightly and make fun of herself.  According to Monsters & Critics, “Gabby caught wind of all the talk of her head-nodding and made several posts addressing her habit…Gabby shared a close-up selfie on her Instagram stories and wrote, ‘I’m gonna play the every time I nod and say ‘ya’ drinking game next week too.’”

The ICU nurse also posted a photo of herself on Instagram with the caption “Omw to add ‘huh huh’ to the end of every sentence.”

Bachelor Data Analyst did not calculate appearances of “ya” or “huh huh” in the closed captioning. Some commenters also wanted to know how many times Rachel said “truly” this season.  That may be why the analyst is teasing “Wait until the second graph.”

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