‘Bachelorette’ Fans Slam Rachel Recchia for ‘Hypocrisy’

Rachel Recchia, Tino Franco

ABC Rachel Recchia & Tino Franco during group date.

In the previous season of “The Bachelor,” the lead, Clayton Echard, got skewered for telling multiple women that he loved them and sleeping with more than one contestant during fantasy suites. In fact, Rachel Recchia and co-bachelorette, Gabby Windey, were two of the most wounded and angry recipients of Echard’s behaviors.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, fans are accusing Recchia of doing the same things that Echard was so hated for doing.  She has told more than one man that she is falling in love, and she has spent the night with all three of her suiters, Tino Franco, Zach Shallcross and Aven Jones.

This Meme Says It All

Many viewers have called Recchia out for ‘pulling a Clayton.’ Memes, like the one above, are all over social media. One Instagram poster wrote, “just came here to say where’s all the people that judged clayton?? you guys good?”  Another user posted, “I was shocked ! So many women criticized Clayton and she is doing the same. This is why we should keep our mouth shut !”

“That’s why we shouldn’t judge people until we walk in their shoes,” another fan replied.

Another user commented, “Exactly! How many times has she brought Clayton up as an example of what she doesn’t want, and then turned around and told the guy she loves him? Then goes to fantasy suite? It’s the nature of this show, I get it. But geez. Let’s have some introspection that maybe Clayton wasn’t all bad?”

One fan commented, “I’m just confused… so Rachel can sleep with multiple men and say she’s “falling/in” love with multiple guys but Clayton was crucified for same? He was honest. Trust me, I was not a Clayton fan but so far I’m just very confused how this isn’t hypocritical. Rachel even acknowledges the hypocrisy by saying I’m taking charge of my journey or some sh*t which apparently makes it ok to do literally the exact same thing.”

Recchia Lit into Echard Last Season

As fans may recall, both Windey and Recchia read Echard the riot act when he broke up with them after telling them both he loved them, and also sleeping with both of them. On “The Men Tell All,” the women expressed their disappointment again.

Recchia told Echard, “I became collateral damage in your journey for love. That was the most completely selfish journey. I feel like watching that back, there was no empathy at all for me or Gabby.”

Recchia continued, “I just can’t imagine how you could do that. I just think it’s so disrespectful.” Echard apologized profusely as Recchia sat there staring at him, stone-faced.

Confusion Over This Week’s Fantasy Suites

During overnights on “The Bachelorette,” Recchia apparently did or said something to greatly upset one of her finalists, Zach Shallcross, although at this point, it is not really clear what happened. Tuesday’s show ended on a cliffhanger after Shallcross asked to speak with Recchia alone right before the rose ceremony.

Fans are dying to know what really happened in that fantasy suite. One viewer tweeted, “god i would KILL to have been a fly on the wall during zach and rachel’s fantasy suite, i need to know word for word what was said.”  Others were confused by Shallcross’ admission to host, Jesse Palmer, that Recchia was questioning his maturity at age 25, when she is only 26.  Will Recchia have to make the same type of apology Echard did?

Fans will have to tune in on Tuesday, September 13 to watch the rest of the drama unfold. The full schedule for September can be seen here.

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