‘Bachelor’ Star Hospitalized While Traveling Abroad & Going Unconscious

Zach Shallcross Hospitalized

Heavy "Bachelor" Zach Shallcross was recently hospitalized.

A former lead from “The Bachelor” was recently hospitalized while traveling abroad. Zach Shallcross and his fiancee Kaity Biggar traveled to Dubai for an incredible trip, but it did not go quite the way they anticipated.

Shortly before a romantic last dinner in Dubai, a medical situation arose. It led to Biggar watching as Shallcross “Totally just passed out, smacked his head off the cement floor, ends up bleeding everywhere, goes unconscious.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Kaity Biggar Was Sick Throughout the Couple’s Trip

A recent TikTok post by Biggar revealed the story of Shallcross’ unexpected hospitalization. The incident happened in late February as “The Bachelor” couple enjoyed a romantic trip to Dubai.

Shallcross and Biggar shared some highlights of the trip via Instagram. They stayed at Atlantis, The Palm and most of the trip was romantic and incredible.

As Biggar revealed in her TikTok video, however, the trip took a turn toward the end. It was not “all rainbows and butterflies,” she acknowledged. A “ginormous” needle apparently rattled Shallcross enough that he passed out and needed to be rushed to the hospital.

Throughout the trip, Biggar explained, she was really sick. She thinks it was probably norovirus that had her feeling awful. The Mayo Clinic notes norovirus can start suddenly and cause severe diarrhea and vomiting.

Biggar shared, “On the very last day, I was so depleted of electrolytes, I couldn’t drink anything, everything came up, so I wasn’t hydrated, and I was starting to feel very light-headed and dizzy.”

“The Bachelor” winner, a nurse, visited the hotel clinic to get an IV. She hoped it would help her feel well enough to get out for the last dinner the couple had planned on their trip, to Nobu.

Unfortunately, Biggar revealed, Shallcross ended up in the hospital so their big dinner was a bust.

Zach Shallcross Fell & Lost Consciousness


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Biggar explained the nurse at the hotel clinic used a “ginormous” needle for the IV. In addition, she shared, “The nurse who was doing my IV was fishing around, she couldn’t get it in the vein.”

As she endured this, Shallcross was right by Biggar’s side. He encouraged her it would all be fine, and soon, the nurse got the IV placed properly.

Biggar looked up at the IV to make sure the fluid was flowing, and she looked back in time to see Shallcross “about to hit the ground.”

That was when Shallcross passed out, dropping backward, and hit his head on the concrete of the clinic room. He went unconscious and was bleeding.

“Then, a couple seconds later Zach loses consciousness again,” Biggar revealed. She continued, “They end up doing his blood pressure, it was like 70 over 50, you want your blood pressure to be 120 and 80, that’s the standard, and his was very low.”

In addition to dangerously low blood pressure, Biggar noted, “His heart rate was like 39, you want your heart rate about 60.” So, “The Bachelor” winner was “A fiancee, a nurse, and a patient all in one moment.”

The hotel clinic determined Shallcross needed to get checked out at the hospital. There, they did a CT scan, and luckily, it revealed Shallcross had no bleeding in his brain or other issues.

Shallcross received a gash on the back of his head, though. They were going to give him stitches but instead used Dermabond adhesive to close the wound. Biggar even had Shallcross come over to the camera and show off the back of his head where the glue could still be seen.

Bachelor Nation Send Biggar & Shallcross Lots of Love


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Biggar’s TikTok video prompted Bachelor Nation fans and colleagues to comment.

One fan commented, “Omg not Zach fainting from the needle 😭😭😭 I’m glad you and him are okay!!”

Another wrote, “In sickness & in health” with a couple of emoji. Biggar replied to that comment with “That’s right.”

“No more needles around Zach,” quipped another follower.

“Shoot! Real life is more interesting than the show. Glad you two have each other…true love 💕 🥰🌹💍,” added someone else.

“Holy moly !! That is C R A Z Y! All of it ! Glad you all are ok. My fav couple ever, 🥰” a different comment read.

One commenter suggested, “I think he pass[ed] out because he couldn’t bare to see you in pain🥹 I love you both so much❤️.”

Someone else joked that when Biggar and Shallcross have their first child, they may want to make sure there is padding on the floor in case he passes out again. Quite a few comments came from fans who noted they love the couple together and are glad they were both okay.