Ice Cube on ‘The Masked Dancer’ Clues & Guesses So Far 1/6/2021

The Masked Dancer Ice Cube

FOX Ice Cube in the "Group B Premiere - New Year, New Mask! (Who Dis?)" episode of THE MASKED DANCER.

The Masked Dancer premiere continued on FOX on Wednesday, January 6, featuring the second half of season 1’s contestants. One of those Group B performers was the Ice Cube.

Here’s what we know about the Ice Cube so far, and who we think might be performing behind the disguise of the Ice Cube mask:


Ice Cube on ‘The Masked Dancer’ Clues

According to FOX, the unidentified celebrities dancing behind the mask have a number of impressive accolades on their resumés. FOX teases, “Between all of the celebrity dancers, they’ve amassed more than 38 million albums sold worldwide, 20 Emmy® Award wins, 20 Grammy® Award nominations, 10 World Dancing titles, five New York Times Best-Selling Author titles, four Olympic gold medals and three Broadway show appearances.” Which accomplishments are credited to the celebrity behind the Ice Cube mask?!

When Ice Cube took the Masked Dancer stage for the first time this season, the panelists noted that his stature is “taller and lanky.” They said he looked like an entertainer.

At the start of the Ice Cube’s first clue package, he said, “Welcome to my chill paradise.”

While he says he is successful now, “The road to get here was slippery.”

Growing up, he said “I was home alone and isolated.”

He hinted that his Mom was at the White House, while his dad spent time “behind bars.

Some visual clues that popped out included TV Dinner, ballet slipper, and the periodic table of elements.

There were a number of climate change references in his clue package, and he said that those who want to make a difference and speak out for a cause they’re passionate about should “Do it to help make this cold world a better place.”

During the Ice Cube’s performance, an elaborate ice palace was the backdrop for the dance.

The Ice Cube’s “Word Up” phrase, which he spoke without his voice being disguised by the modulator, was “90s icon.” Paula Abdul said “I’ve heard this voice before,” and Ashley Tisdale said she thinks the celebrity behind the mask is “old.”

Though the Ice Cube was eliminated at the end of the episode, the panelist each got to ask him a question before he took off his mask. They learned that:

– millions have seen him on TV
– has a “huge” social media following
– has tried standup comedy before
– has more than a speck of white hair.

‘The Masked Dancer’ Ice Cube Guesses

The four celebrity panelists in charge of casting their guesses for who’s behind the Ice Cube mask each week are Ken Jeong, Ashley Tisdale, Paula Abdul, and Brian Austin Green.

At first glance, would it be too on-the-nose to guess that the celebrity behin the Ice Cube mask is rapper Ice Cube himself?

After Ice Cube performed a jazz cover of “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, they said he doesn’t seem like a trained dancer.

Ken Jeong guessed that it might be Bill Nye the Science Guy, due to the many science references.

Green guessed that it’s “somebody [he’s] known for a while,” thinking it might be Bill Maher.

Abdul guessed Anderson Cooper, who had a very important mom in politics.

UPDATE AND MAJOR SPOILER: At the end of the episode, the Ice Cube was eliminated, revealing himself as Bill Nye the Science Guy.

New episodes of The Masked Dancer air on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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