Why Blake Shelton Says He Is Not Involved in Planning His Wedding

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The self-proclaimed king of NBC’sThe Voice,” Blake Shelton, is marrying sometimes-coach on “The Voice,” Gwen Stefani, sometime in 2021. Shelton recently revealed that he hasn’t really been involved with planning the wedding, however.

Shelton recently spoke with USA Today about the wedding planning process and joked that he hasn’t been involved for a few different reasons.

“If I was picking our meal, it would just literally be everything fried,” Shelton told the outlet. “French fries, chicken tenders, you know, all that stuff. I think she knows that it would be a pretty classless wedding if I was in control.”

Stefani is Planning the Wedding

According to USA Today, Stefani is in charge of planning the wedding, which she’s been doing since the couple announced their engagement in October 2020.

“I want her to do all of that stuff and handle it because it’s going to be great,” Shelton shared. “She’s in the middle of planning the thing, and she’s always so mindful … of me. She’s like, ‘Hey I don’t want to just take this thing over.’ I think she’s having a blast doing it. I mean, I know she’s having a blast doing it.”

The couple recently had friends over for a beer tasting “Okie vs. Cali” for Memorial Day weekend, as Stefani documented on her Instagram stories.

Shelton And Stefani Met on ‘The Voice’

Shelton generally keeps things light on the set of “The Voice,” choosing to banter with the other coaches, but with the 10th-anniversary celebration, he got a little more sentimental than he might have otherwise.

The “Road to Live Shows & 10th-Anniversary Celebration” aired on Monday, May 3, 2021 and featured flashbacks to memorable times on “The Voice” throughout the years as well as new interviews with the coaches.

Shelton shared some details about his relationship with Stefani, sharing that he thought the best part of working on the show was meeting his soon-to-be wife.

“People ask me all the time, ‘What’s the greatest thing that has happened for you since you’ve been on ‘The Voice’?” he shared. “That’s a no-brainer, right? I met my fiancée here. It’s hard to resist Gwen Stefani. You know, here’s this iconic rock star coming to be a coach on ‘The Voice’ in a black minivan. That was cool to me.”

He added, “I love it when she’s here. She brings a very complicated element of competition, for me in particular. But I love that. I love the challenge. Just knowing that she’s there, and she has my back, is pretty cool.”

He also said he knew they may seem like an odd pair, but he doesn’t see it that way.

“If you would have told me back in 1996 that Gwen Stefani was gonna be my girlfriend, I would have laughed you out of the room,” Shelton shared. “You know what I’m saying? I would have thought you were crazy. Saying it right now, I almost bust out laughing. That’s how ridiculous it is.”

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