VIDEO: Camila Cabello Captures ‘UFO’ Footage

Camila Cabello shares 'UFO' footage

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / YouTube Camila Cabello shares 'UFO' footage

Do you believe there is alien life out there? Pop singer and “The Voice” season 22 coach Camila Cabello does.

Cabello appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”‘s October 12 episode to share “UFO” footage she captured while hiking on tour.

“So we’re hiking [in South America], and there’s been a lot of spooky activity there, I’m talking UFO, like alien activity,” the singer says. “I’m taking a picture of my mom and dad, and my dad is looking through the pictures, and he sees these two objects.”

See Cabello share her footage with Fallon below.

Camila Cabello Came From a ‘Skeptical Mind’

The Fifth Harmony singer and solo artist shared a live photo that she took of her parents while in South America. Camila Cabello believes the “two objects” that her father saw when looking more closely at the photo to be UFOs – alien spacecrafts to be specific.

“I slowed this video down,” Cabello says, “That does not look like a bird. It’s not a phone thing because you see it clearly go from behind the mountain, to close to the camera, to behind another mountain.”

Although Cabello is adamant that the aliens “trusted” her with this footage, she made it clear that she was skeptical about the idea of alien life prior to this encounter.

“I am fascinated by what’s already on earth, like I love nature documentaries, like ‘Planet Earth’,” the singer says, “so I am coming from a more skeptical mind.”

Cabello theorizes that her skepticism may be why she saw the UFO, saying aliens may have considered her skepticism as her playing “hard to get”. Fallon was all for Cabello’s theory, and looked directly into the camera to let any potential aliens that were watching Cabello on his show know that they “come in peace”.

Fans Disagree Over Whether Camila Cabello’s ‘UFO’ Sighting is Real

“The Voice” fans loved seeing Camila Cabello talk with Jimmy Fallon about “The Voice” along with her “alien encounter”. “Gorgeous, funny and knows how to tell a story I love her,” commented one fan on the video.

Many fans agreed with Cabello’s “UFO” sighting as well, with some adding their own evidence.

“This happened in Chile. The place in the photos is called Torres del Paine. In my country there is a lot of UFO activity, talk to any Chilean and they will tell you that they have seen one. In fact, we have the largest astronomical observatory in the world, called ALMA,” one fan commented.

“Why is everyone commenting on her personality, energy when she just showed us a real UFO. Hey, social media crowd there are more important things happening than watching her every more,” another fan commented.

While Cabello had her supporters, she also had her fair share of skeptics. When one fan commented, “I dunno. Seems like the “UFO” could be a bug near the camera. The video needs expert analysis. But Camila is adorable,” another responded with a link to a “60 Minutes” piece on UFO sightings by Navy pilots as further proof.

“The Voice” season 22 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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