Fans Stunned by Christina Aguilera’s Appearance During Mexico Concert

Christina Aguilera.

Getty Images Christina Aguilera looks incredibly thin in Mexico.

Former “Voice” coach Christina Aguilera has lost a considerable amount of weight over the past several months.

The “Genie in a Bottle” singer performed a concert in Mexico in mid-May and someone shared a snippet on TikTok. Dozens of fans immediately took to the comments to discuss how slim — and different  — Aguilera looked.

During a performance of “What a Girl Wants,” Aguilera wore a black leotard complete with mesh pieces. She paired the look with black thigh-high boots and a pair of long red gloves. She wore her long blond hair straight and past her chest, giving off “Stripped” vibes.

However, it was Aguilera’s apparent weight loss that had people talking.

Some Fans Think Christina Aguilera Is Using Ozempic or Another Weight Loss Drug

It didn’t take long for comments on the TikTok of Aguilera to pile up. Many fans couldn’t help but notice how slim Aguilera looked and several wondered if she’s been using Ozempic — a diabetes drug that has been approved for weight loss.

“Best ozempic result to date!” one comment read.

“It took me way too long to realize this was Christina Aguilera,” someone else added.

“Ozempic ages everyone terribly but it’s honestly working wonders for her. She looks incredible,” a third TikTok user said.

“I had no idea who that was! She doesn’t look like Christina anymore,” another person wrote.

“Dang, she looks amazing! Wish I could be on Ozempic like everyone else, too, but afraid of the side effects,” read a fifth comment.

This isn’t the first time that Aguilera fans felt that the singer looked different. In November 2023, she posted to TikTok and the video left many fans thinking that Aguilera was unrecognizable.

“Check out #WhatsInMyBag with @menulog,” she captioned a post. Aguilera filmed the ad while in Australia. Dozens of comments filled the page with fans saying they hardly recognized Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera Shared Some Candid Shots From Her Show

Aguilera also shared some photos from her concert in Mexico on her Instagram feed on May 20.

“Ciudad de México! I almost didn’t make it on stage, but your energy and passion gave me the power and made my night. ¡Muchas gracias,” she captioned the post. She didn’t elaborate on why she was almost unable to perform, which many fans inquired about in the comments section.

For the most part, fans had a positive reaction to Aguilera’s post, some thanking her for doing the show and others begging her to come to their country for a concert. A few people commented on her look.

“You look SO READY for a new era. I’m obsessed. Don’t leave waiting so long. Feed us!!!” one person wrote.

“Was AMAZING babe and you look better and better my god! Thanks for this journey and light my days, te amo @xtina,” someone else added.

“Everyday I love you more! Looking so hot. Always serving,” a third fan wrote, adding a couple of fire emoji.

Aguilera has a stint in Las Vegas before taking her show on the road again. She will visit Japan in August.

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